Tenpuru Episode 04 Fanservice Review

Shower scene

This week’s episode of Tenpuru sees Akemitsu and Yuzuki head to the marriage interview and then Akemitsu ends up being the substitute match maker for Yuzuki and her potential husband. This ends up with Yuzuki admitting that she doesn’t want to get married other than for omiai and Akemitsu takes responsibility for saving the temple. There’s not much ecchi in this week’s episode either until the very end where we get the shower scene which is done well but I would’ve liked it extended a bit more. The ecchi panels from the manga throughout the episode were done well in the anime and it does stay true to what happens in the manga almost one for one, but an extension of the shower scene would’ve been very tasteful. If you’re following along in the manga, it is chapters 9-12.

Akemitsu gets mistaken for a worker.

This is actually nicer than what it is in the manga, there’s more ass in the anime.

Akemitsu ends up being the substitute match maker for them.

She admits she does not want the marriage for the reasons he thinks she does.

Akemitsu ends up saying “I do” to marriage vows towards Yuzuki.

It’s revealed that this lady is actually “Head Priest Aoba”.

They end up at a love hotel because all the buses are stopped and there’s no taxis.

It’s not good how they covered the bunny girl cosplay for some reason here, because in the manga it’s fully shown.


Mega Album

As I said, the ecchi wasn’t done bad nor was it leaving out much from the manga, it’s just that I feel it could’ve been improved on pretty well in the anime and the shower scene could’ve been extended for it to give the fans more. The art this episode was good as well, so no complaints here, and the story seems to be progressing but I’m not sure if we will ever get any great ecchi from this anime so I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if that’s what you’re looking for from this anime.