Tenpuru Episode 13 (Specials) Fanservice Review

Thank god for specials.

Welcome once again to a Tenpuru fanservice review, this time with the specials that were released afterwards, included in the BD/DVD. The fan service in these specials far exceeded anything in the actual season, which is to be expected however there was still no uncensored. However, the manga isn’t uncensored either, and considering how little they showed in the season it’d be surprising if they flipped it in these specials. The first special is a body swap with all the characters and the second special is a fantasy dream that Akagami has while he’s sick and getting cared for.

Special 1:

Body swap start with Yuzuki in Akagami’s body and Akagami in Yuzuki’s body.

Interesting scene.

This is Kurage in Kagura’s body cause she finally has a mature body.

Boner stopping technique.

I’m not sure how Akagami thought doing bondage on her body was the best way to stop his desires but it looked like he was doing the exact opposite.

Special 2:

Every single girl in this special just gets naked at the end of their retrospective scene which is good for us.

Less sus at least?

Another boner killer technique but it did the opposite based on his reaction.

Mega Album

Overall, these two specials were great and provided the much-needed fan service from this series that people were hoping for in the original season. Special 1 with the classic body swap cliche was quite simple but getting to see all the girls naked and some actual action that was missing from the season was good. Special 2 was full on with every girl coming at Akagami giving their body to him and then ending it with the bath and tentacle scene. Nothing unique or special but if you wanted to see full-blown fan service from these girls (without the nipples obviously) then you got it in these specials. Although it was a rocky series with a lack of fanservice and a lot of criticism due to it, at least the show ended on a high note and we will see if it gets a second season 2, I am not sure how popular the show was, but it depends on that.