Triage X Extra Ep 11 OAD Review

The un-release episode 11 is now out along with its manga tankoubon counterpart volume 12 in all its uncensored glory.

triagex12_01 Basic synopsis of this release appears to be an original story, RAW scans for volume 12 not out yet so original for now. Episode title  “Recollection XOXO” the episode is split into 2 parts with the 1st dealing with the girls doing a character bio, with each in a different costume from the prospective of Sayo and Oriha. The 2nd part cover the rest of Sayo’s past after recovering from her ‘death’ by Yuuko’s hands and getting used to her new surrounds with Yuuko’s help. Episode ends with all the girls in the hot springs fully naked.



Original version












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We’ll update with more pictures if the video becomes available online.