Triage X fanservice compilation

Part action, part oppai-fest.  Triage X isn’t terribly ambitious, but it was good raunchy fun and one of the more under-rated ecchi series of the year.


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Torrent:  Nyaa

DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2


Series Information


Production Company:  Xebec

Vintage:  Spring 2015


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Notable Seiyuu:



Fuyuka Oura as Yuko Sagiri

Yuuko Sagiri - Triage X

Fuyuka Oura is also well known for her role(s) as:

Run Elsie Jewelria - To Love-RuJita Phrygianos - Seikon no Qwaser


Ryoko Shiraishi as Sayo Hitsugi

Sayo Hitsugi -- Triage X

Ryoko Shiraishi is also well known for her role(s) as:

HikageKei Misumi - Okusama ga Seitokaichou!Sayoko Arashiyama - Natsu no ArashiKanako Sumiyoshi - Nyan Koi!


Yui Kondou as Mikoto Kiba

Mikoto Kiba --- Triage X

Yui Kondou is also well known for her role(s) as:

Furano Yukihira - LoveCome


Amina Satou as Oriha Nashida

Oriha Nashida - Triage X

Amina Satou is also well known for her role(s) as:

Yuuka Ichijou - AKB0048


Masumi Asano as Miki Tsurugi

Miki Tsurugi - Triage X v2

Masumi Asano is also well known for her role(s) as:

Hakufu Sonsaku - IkkitousenRisa Harada - D.N.Angel


Thoughts on the anime


Shouji Satou probably doesn’t need much of an introduction.  His survival horror / ecchi manga High School of the Dead  was a cult hit, and his work in the hentai / doujin world (pen name:  Inazuma) is celebrated as well.  So it really should be a surprise that his second major manga, Triage X , received massive initial hype.  Especially since the Triage X  manga delivered far more nudity than High School of the Dead  had.

And normally, hearing that Akio Takami (Kanokon , Ladies versus Butlers , Maken-Ki Two! ) was getting a new anime project would be cause for excitement too.

Unfortunately, Satou and Takami’s strengths were in immediate conflict, and as soon as I saw the initial key visuals with all the girls looking about 15 pounds heavier than they did in the manga, I tossed hype aside right then and there.

Some people did not.  Many were disappointed by the anime purely for the fact that it didn’t perfectly maintain Satou’s art style the way that High School of the Dead  did.  While I agree that the original Satou art style is far superior, Triage X  is hardly the first anime to tweak character designs significantly, and the final result was still pretty sexy.

Of course there were other problems too.  Some nude scenes from the manga were non-nude in the anime (mostly combat nudity scenarios).  The story had plenty of issues (though they were the same issues the manga had).  The villains were cheesy and disposable (like the manga).

This show was never a high end anime, but I thought Triage X  did succeed at being watchable.  And when compared to how silly and over the top most nude ecchi anime can be, Triage X did a fair job of avoiding outright weirdness.  Never once watching this show did I feel bored, though the fanservice probably played a huge role there.

The backstory on the origins of the vigilante group “Black Label” was actually pretty interesting, and you wonder if the story in the manga could end up being pretty good a few years down the road.

But lets be real, T n’ A was the selling point of the manga, and it’s the selling point of the anime as well.  All this series needed to do was not lose us in between the epic bathing scenes.  It’s true that this series didn’t hit its considerable ceiling, but I was left with no complaints.  Other than a lack of lolicon representation that is.

The video was fun because the material seemed like it begged for repeats and effects.  Episode ten skipped the OP but then put credits over the onsen scene… the text even went over nipples in a few spots.  That was pretty annoying, but with some time, effort and ‘movie magic’, I was able to modify the nude scenes as though the text were never there at all.

Overall, it was probably the most effects I’d had in a video in maybe a year.  It was a fun project, I hope you guys enjoy it.


Favorite Character



This one is tough because none of these girls match the body type I look for, and there’s no true loli characters in this series either.

So without any obvious choice I had to think this one over.  Ultimately it came down to Yuko and Sayo as they were the two characters that showed the most character development over the series.  Ultimately I went with Yuko because she seems the most mature and matriarchal of all the characters.  She’s always looking out for everyone else, especially Sayo.

She also wins major cool points for using a katana, and often times seems like the strongest member of the group.