Trinity Seven – Finally…. Nipples (Updated with more pics)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Reveal thou nipples between the pages,
Who shall be the winner of this race,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Yeah making rhymes are not my thing but as it suggests after 6 years, 2 volumes of novels, several specials editions, an anime season and 66 chapters that equal to 15 volumes of manga of displaying all the stereotypical nipple blockage with a few teases here and there, mangaska writer Kenji Saitō and artist Akinari Nao have finally decided to break that wall and show full fledge nipples.

Now the question you might be asking is which Trinity Seven member delivered that magically moment for us? Before I get to that, let go down memory lane and see the evolution to this moment from the 1st volume to now.

From the 1st volume, the mangaskas began teasing us with typical scenes in harem stories using nearly every trick in the book going from using bathroom steam in convenient locations, disintegrated pieces of clothing hanging around the wrong spots, hands/arms/hair/sound effect signs blocking the view, taking a bath in water that just blocks the view around the nipples, the manga panels acting like censored bars (sorry Levi not this time), and just blank spots with no hint of a nipple ever existing. ARG!!!

Now before I continue I would like to mention that nipples have appeared throughout the manga but the scenes that the nipples have appeared in have been treated more like teases/fanservice by the mangaska than yeah it’s here. Scenes like Lilith and her nipple bumps while in a bikini are common but the hidden nipples are also nice with one scene of Yui’s nipple appearing in the 3rd volume but just the outline in the distance. Another being Hijiri’s transformation scene in volume 6 showing outline only along with Anastasia’s in volume 13 while being held in captivity.

One of the best early on nipple chances that many were hoping to fully appear in the anime version as it only gave outlines on both breasts in the manga was of Lieselotte’s scene in volume 4 with one breast having the pointy end showing while the other breast having the shadowing outline where the areola/nipple is position at. Sadly the anime cheated at that scene and no nipples were given.

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The manga continued evolving the nipples with Lieselotte leading the way again with her showing off her areola areas in volume 8 and a special edition prequel story. Mira also gets into the fun in volume 12 and Lilith gets the prize for being the 1st to show her areola in color in the 1st manga art book collection on a large wall scroll scale.

And now the moment everyone is waiting for as volume 15 of the manga was released on August 9, 2016, and much to everyone’s surprise caught us followers of the story in that “WTF… it happened” moment especially since it appears no one does the RAW scans from the “Monthly Dragon Age” magazines anymore and in the 1st 3/4ths of the tankōbon the same formula was being used to hide the nipples again:

and then bang:


Yeah, if any one was taking bets whom among the Trinity Seven official member was going to be 1st to show the nipples, many probably had Lieselotte as 1st, sorry. Heck I was also thinking Lieselotte or Lilith in that line but no as it turns out it is a new girl whom appears to be one of the new villians introducing this volume for the new arc the story is in. Don’t ask me her name as I couldn’t find a translation or even the kanji to get a translation so until the scanlators get to this point in the manga her name will be unknown for now. Now it isn’t the best 1st full nipple appearance as it is only 1 nipple showing at a side angle with not a lot of detail but the areola is fully shown with the nipple bump though not complete. IMO she probably has invert nipples and after some stimulation would be out.

So yeah with progress and progress we get in the next/last chapter of the tankōbon as the another character gets their nipples exposed and the winner is:

Yup not Lieselotte Sherlock but her twin sister Selina Sherlock whom gets validated this chapter by a snake based female villian, again no name. This time we get several pages of her with a bunch of differnet angles shots from a full frontal, close-up, snake nipple sucking???, and a laying down above shot. Hopefully this will continue the trend going into the next volume as Lieselotte makes her debut in a new devilish outfit and she probably won’t be outdone by her sister. One can hope.



So that concludes this post as Trinity Seven has fallen into the category of late bloomer with the nipples fully showing and with a new movie coming next year I believe so depending on what adventure the cast is going to be on, either continuing the manga or doing an original story, we’ll need to see if the anime side with go on this trend as well. Later.

Add on: Thanks to NightUnderTheMidnightSunCrotch for providing some additional close shots from the bonus manga that was included in volume 3 of the DVD/Blu-Ray disc of the anime series… so close Yui…

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Credit to Amario from Jcafe24 for providing the RAWs. And NightUnderTheMidnightSunCrotch for gathering the manga special pictures.