Ultimate Girls fanservice compilation

Ultimate Girls was the last, dying gasp by ecchi pioneer m.o.e. (masters of entertainment), a small time anime company specializing in nude ecchi during the first nude ecchi boom (for TV).  I assume it wasn’t successful, because it was the final anime m.o.e. would produce after just four years of existence.

This ultra low budget TV original nude ecchi series features 3 girls, two of them reasonably within lolicon standards, who save Japan from a series of bizarre monsters by using a special scepter to grow in size.  A magical scepter who’s superhero originator has a striking resemblance to Ultra Man.

Of course, their special combat suits quickly become defective moments after growing to large sizes, leaving our heroines exposed and quite embarrassed, to the delight of monsters who always seem to be male, lecherous, weird, and creepy.


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Series Information


Production Company:  m.o.e. (with Pony Canyon)

Vintage:  Winter 2005


Nipple sightings from other m.o.e produced anime:


Steel Angel Kurumi 2, Rizelmine (Rie Kugumiya’s debut role), Smash hit / Love Love, Hanaukyo Maid-tai


Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from m.o.e.:




Notable Seiyuu


Misato Fukuen as Silk Koharuno


Misato Fukuen is also well known for her roles as:


Hitomi Nabatame as Vivienne Ohtori


Hitomi Nabatame is also well known for her roles as:



Thoughts on the anime


Wow.  I watched this anime a few times and it never dawned on me that two out of the three girls in this show would be voiced by actresses who would become much bigger stars years later.

Anyway, there is only one reason to watch this anime, fanservice.  And even then, the animation quality is horrifically bad, worse than even most hentai, so really the only reason to watch this show is for novelty fanservice.  There haven’t been a ton of giant girl ecchi series, really this is pretty much it.

It is kind of funny at times, in the most extremely low-brow of ways.  This show is definitely not for anyone even remotely close to having refined tastes in anime.

Maybe the best thing about this show is that it made me familiar with masters of entertainment and their brief ecchi resume.  I already knew about the Love Love series, but I didn’t know that Steel Angel Kurumi was full of nudity (though I should have guessed as much, an old friend of mine who was very into ecchi back in the day loved that show).

I also just learned about the Hanaukyo Maid-tai series, which looks like quite the winner.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


This series happened back in the day when nude ecchi almost always aired non-nude and then added the nudity later on DVD, either with redraws or added scenes.  In this case, it was mostly done with substantial redraws (similar to Yuushibu how the objects covering Fino’s nipples disappeared).

One of the things I love doing is contrasting censored material versus uncensored, and in this video there are some good chances for that.  For example, there’s one shot where Tsubomi is topless but covered up by a traffic light.  I had a brief contrast in this video that shows that clip both with and without the traffic light interfering with the view.  Just one example out of many in this video.

Though there were some fun things about this video, I’m not going to lie and say this is my best.  The source quality is slightly below average for DVD standards, the resolution (as always with DVD) is very low, the edit didn’t always fit together perfectly and the animation and art are very crude.

But then again, this video has pretty decent length and it isn’t a big file.  Pretty good bang for your buck if you are hard drive space conscious (relative to my other videos).


Favorite Character


Misato Fukuen’s characters have taken this little imaginary trophy from me many times, but this time I think I’d have to say my favorite character was Tsubomi.  It was almost off putting how much she enjoyed being an exhibitionist.  I have nothing against lolicons, but I usually am kind of neutral on those characters personally.  But this time, I thought the resident lolicon character was just great fun.

Viviene was the most fun to be serviced by, especially in those wrestling matches.