Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 1:

How is Jeanne d’Arc connected to the Philosopher Stone? Please click in to find out more!! (^^)/

Bonjour!! (^^)/ In this new season, we’ll be reviewing an anime about Jeanne d’Arc, a legendary heroic figure from France!! During the time where the English Army occupy northern France during the Hundred Years War, many of the young students from the Knight School was sent to the battlefield. The story begins with a young boy named Montmorency who plays truant at school and dreams to become a Alchemist and learns the secret of the Philosopher Stone. XD

His friend, Arthur de Richemont went to visit him and was followed by Charlotte and Phillip after that.

Montmorency expressed his desire to become an Alchemist and learns the secret of the Philosopher Stone. He comes up with a plan which is to find fairies in the woods in the middle of the night to help with his research in Alchemy. He went there together with  Richemont, Charlotte and Phillip.

While in the woods, they were suddenly ambushed by English soldiers. Fortunately, Montmorency comes out with a plan to distract them so that Richemont can knock them out effectively. XD

It was already at dawn when they left the woods. The four friends swore together that they’ll remain as friends forever and will do their best to end the Hundred Year War before parting ways. Soon, Richemont was sent to the battlefield to participate the war between France and English.

However, France ends up losing and Richemont is apparently killed in battle. After that, Charlotte is made the heir of the throne due to the demise of her brothers and Phillip from the Burgundy household was surrendered to the English. Seeing his friends leaving one by one, Montmorency was determined find out the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone.

As he performs a ritual to finds out the secrets of Philosopher Stone in exchange of his soul, Astaroth the Queen of Fairies appeared to the human world. After that, Astaroth guided Montmorency to create the elixir which allows him to swallow the Philosopher Stone and gain supernatural abilities, becoming an Ulysses.

However, something went wrong in his research of the elixir, bringing an end to the ritual performed by Montmorency. In a blink of any eye, he discovered that 7 years had passed. XD

For the first impression, this anime really had good illustrations when it comes to the design of the scenery and also the characters. The idea of introducing the characters was also very interesting with a lot of  lovely female characters. Hopefully more of the good work of the illustrations will be focused on the fanservice of the female characters in the following episode. I don’t know how the story will bring us in the end, but enjoying the fanservice in this show is the highest priority right now!!

Hopefully this anime can keep us happy with a lot of fanservice in the following episodes with their very good illustration skills and promising character designs. Till then, I will be keeping tabs with this anime!! Thanks for reading everyone and don’t forget to stay tuned for the following episodes to come!! Merci, Au revoir!! (^^)v