Urara Meirochou Fanservice Review Episodes 5-8

Tune in for yet another great fortune!

Urara Meirochou, continues to hold a steady pace. The story may not be advancing quickly but, it does engage its viewers. Our 4 girls have steadily improved in their studies and have grown closer together. A true sense of friendship and love can be felt between the 4 of them. Overall, if you’re just looking for a fun watch with a side of service this was actually a solid view.

Now, moving onwards to the service we’re given an assortment of things to behold. The show is still baiting hard with yuri but, that’s to be expected in a town made up of almost all females. The navel and midriff service picked back up a bit, although not at episode 1 levels. One of my favorite details of this show is how much they dress up the girls. If you’re a fan of maids and witches well there’s a decent amount of that here. And finally, like all the recent shows I’ve covered the token water based episode came along. Episode 8 had the girls get into their bikinis and get a little wet for the viewers. Along the way we’re even gifted with a couple wardrobe malfunctions. Fun times ahead!


Episode 5 caps and stitches.


Episode 6 caps and stitches.


Episode 7 caps and stitches.


Episode 8 caps and stitches.


WebM section.






















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The next posting of, Urara Meirochou, will be the last here at least for its TV run. It’s been a blast a half so far and may good fortune be with you all!