Val x Love Fanservice Review Episode 08

Our heroines are feeling a little extra frisky this time.  Could be a fun episode if the BDs don’t botch it.


Another fun episode for Yakumo.  You get the feeling that her cold and curmudgeon-like behavior is a facade she uses to compensate for an out of control libido.  Better yet, she seems to enjoy wrangling her sisters into lewd escapades as well.  This week she tries to use Mutsumi’s body to seduce the MC with a swimsuit photoshoot turned nude photoshoot.


All the relevant (nude) panels from the manga are accounted for in this episode, with the exception of the one directly above this text.  It’s possible it could be a brief added scene.  Perhaps it is what the episode is implying comes after Yakumo’s kiss?


Here again we see the exact same poses that the manga uses in the nude scenes, which makes for easy redraws.  These are good indicators.


Overall thoughts:


After some shaky early episodes, I’m starting to regain confidence that this series will come through for us on BD.  There’s just too many scenes that are ready-made for nude redraws to think they won’t do them at this point.

The anime continues to be mostly meh, but a quality anime experience is just a bonus really.  All that matters is that these kinds of shows deliver where it counts.  We’ll find out in less than a month.

This episode covered chapters 18 and 19.  Next week will cover chapters 20 and 21 which will include the first group bathing scene in the series (as confirmed by the next episode trailer).