Val x Love Fanservice Review Episode 09

Half this episode is dedicated to the first major bath scene in the series.  There’s so much service here that they end up having to scrap the ED to make room.


The first half of the episode covers the train groping scene from the manga:


It’s worth noting that all the nude panels from the manga are clothed in the anime here, but also that in the anime those scenes have an ‘out of body experience’ style of background.  The fact that they only did that for parts that adapted the nude panels is probably a hint that the anime will be nude on those shots on BD.


The scene here where the three girls undress to nude is absent in the anime, so hopefully there’s a little added scene for that.

The scene directly above where our MC washes Ichika’s breasts directly is not in the anime.  This is another case where we have to hope it’s an added scene.


Here above we see that they kept the oppai backwashing scene in, and even gave it a full To Love-Ru style of ‘you can’t see shit’ censorship.  Unfortunately there aren’t any nipples hiding under that steam as best as I could tell.  But it’s still nice to see.  You rarely see censorship that takes up an entire screen without there being something to hide on BD.


Several obvious and easy redraws above.


The scene goes on so long that they even dip into the end credits to finish it.  Normally that’s only something you see in the first or final episode of a series.  Just goes to show how much material they had to adapt here.


Overall thoughts:


I’ve been waiting for this episode for months, and it didn’t let me down. Nearly every nude panel from the manga was adapted into the anime here, with just two notable exceptions that will hopefully be added later as an extended scene ala Shinmai Maou no Testament.

Now if the BD lets us down that’s a different story, but I feel increasing optimism with each episode.

Next week’s episode will cover at least 3 chapters, as the next episode trailer shows images from chapter 22 and has the title of chapter 24.  With only three episodes left and still 11 chapters to reach the falling action bath scene goal, it’s definitely going to need to pick things up.