Yosuga no Sora fanservice compilation

Yosuga no Sora doesn’t just give us fanservice, it goes where so very few ecchi series venture: sex.


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Series Information


Production Company:  feel.

Vintage:  Fall 2010


Notable Seiyuu


Hiro Shimono as Haruka Kasugano


Hiro Shimono is also well known for his roles as:


Note:  The entire seiyuu cast is the same group from the eroge from which this anime is based.


Thoughts on the anime


Haruka Kasugano has a summer to remember, pretty much banging anything that moves.  Fortunately for him (and us), his non-finicky nature doesn’t preclude him from bedding beautiful women.

Based on the visual novel by CUFFS, Yosuga no Sora does something uncommon and actually takes things as far as it’s eroge source material did.  Namely, that just about every attractive female gets their turn as his lover at some point during the anime, and not just for hugs, kisses, and some innocent nudity.  What’s remarkable to me is not just that they do the nasty, but how fast they get there.  In minutes, the situation accelerates from casual relationship to passionate sex.

It’s a bit confusing in its presentation, to be honest I’m not even sure if the story was contiguous or a constant re-rolling of love stories, the latter being the way visual novels are typically experienced.  But who watches this stuff for the story, anyway?

I don’t think this anime was meant for general audiences, or even the ecchi newcomer.  I think it was a bit of an homage to the eroge genre, feel wanted to create an anime that felt like a real eroge when watched.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


I’d guess that roughly 95% or more of ecchi series stay the fuck away from sex scenes.  For whatever reason, and there are a few, sexuality and desire are emphasized while sex itself is forbidden.

Other than some lesbian type scenes, the only boy-girl sex scene in any TV airing ecchi series I’d covered prior to this project was from Ikkitousen season 2 (Dragon Destiny), and that scene was brief and showed very little.  For that reason, Yosuga no Sora felt a lot different from all my other videos.

For one, the video was boring to make, as most of the nudity was packed into long scenes with relatively little imagination in it’s implementation and almost no opportunity for enhancement (steam removal, looping, repeats, zooms, etc).

But on the other hand, the final product is much more “intimate” than any other video I’ve made, and watching this video feels totally different than all the others.  Though it was a tough project to get through, I’m glad I made it, because it’s a good change of pace video for those days when seeing 20 straight minutes of wardrobe malfunctions seems a bit tiring.

One last thing, I really liked the art and character design style that feel. used here.  The same company also animated Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai and Mayo Chiki!, and you can see the resemblance between the three animes pretty easily, especially in regards to how they drew for nudity.

Regarding the multiple versions:

-The original version is the one I put on torrent, it’s a sorted by character, and then within those character sections it’s then further separated by non-nude to nude.

-The alternate version is sorted by non-nude to nude (the same format most of my recent videos use), with the non-nude and nude sections each being broke down by character.

So if you want to just see uninterrupted nudity and don’t care where it comes from, the alternate version is the better option.  If you want to see all the character fanservice kept together by character, then the original version is for you.


Favorite Character


Tough one.  As much as I’d like to say Nao for her giving spirit and her ability to almost boob-slap herself in the face during lovemaking, the maid character Motoka is just way too sexy.  She’s a complete show-stealer on those weird post episode omake specials.