Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 9 & 10:

A survival test for elite oppai!! ~ (^^)~

Thanks to ScissorMeTimbers for making the media!!

Episode 9:

In this survival test, all the class gets 300 points to spend on food and other conveniences. However, the class will lose test points for injuries, polluting the environment, missing roll calls and also violence towards students from other classes. 

After some discussion on how to spend their points, the class split out to search for a camping spot. Sakura is searching together with the male mc.

While looking for a camping spot, they saw Lex Luthor in the name of Katsuragi holding a leader card while talking to his classmate, Totsuka. 

The male mc covered Sakura’s mouth to prevent being noticed by Lex Luthor and his clasemate. After that, they went into the cave and it seems to be in possession of Class A

Class D decided to make their camping spot by the river side so that they have easy access to water for their daily needs and Suzune was chosen as their leader.

While gathering firewood, Sakura, Yamauchi and the male mc found the injured Ibuki from Class C sitting under a tree.

The class decides to let Ibuki to stay with them. Kushida offers her some fruits that she and her classmates found.

Episode 10:

Suzune went around to observe how the other classes are doing together with the male mc. Class B set up their camping spot near a waterfall and operates pretty much like Class D but in a better discipline and location.

Class C’s camping spot is at the beach under the leadership of Ryuen where all the points are spent as the class is on a vacation trip. How nice if a test can be fun like this!! (^^)

Class A camping spot is in a cave and is heavily guarded when Suzune is trying to take a peek into it. Lex Luthor threaten Suzune and the male mc to walk away as he summons his security forces. Hmm, that very uncivilized for them !!

The night on the third day, someone sneaks into the girls tent and search Ibuki’s and found her phone.

The next day, the everyone in Class C left the camp site. Everyone but Ibuki had forfeited the test.

On the fifth day, the girls confronted the boys because someone had stole one of the girl’s pantsu!! They demand a bag search is conducted.

That it for the review. (^_^) Be sure to watch it to know more of it!! Thanks for reading everyone, stay tuned for the last review for this anime to know how I am rating this anime and what I had to say about it !! (^^)v

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