Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 2


In a bathroom with a fireman.


Still no sex yet but some bathroom stuff instead. This seems to be a trend with these shows having a bathroom episode. The length of the r18 version is around a minute and half longer than the normal version just like last week so we can probably assume that will be the extra content length for all the episodes. Which kind of makes sense since that was the length for araiya which was also 8 episodes like this is going to be. Also no subs so don’t take this seriously.

Ryou is calling the police to inform them that the bookcase she murdered last episode was responsible for the fire and she is now living with someone who may or may not be a rapist and she may have another victim soon. Or maybe she is calling her work based on other parts of the episode I don’t know since we have no subs to work with. Soma gets home and gives her some clothes as consolation for almost raping her or I’m going to guess he went to her burnt apartment to get her stuff and bring it back home instead so she has a new change of clothes.

The next day Ryou is either out filing for welfare or applying for a job I have no idea. Soma meets her and they eventually go out shopping for clothes which I’m guessing is for her new job or related to the paperwork.

While they are eating, Soma sees her playing with her phone and believing she is tweeting pics of her food like 90 percent of twitter seems to do he takes it to look. Instead he discovers her joining a facebook group called “I want my male roommate to rape me”. Covering josei shows becomes much easier when you just make stuff up. I really have no clue what is going on here.

Too spooky. I didn’t alter anything that frame is actually real. When angry her true form appears in which she grows a second mouth. Should be useful since there are multiple men in this. Her true form allows for dual wield dick sucking.

On the way home it starts raining leading to both of them being soaked. This results in Ryou going to take a shower when they get inside since everyone knows birds pee in rain clouds and you have to wash that shit off you. Soma then enters the bathroom as well and since his speed stat is higher than her’s he is able to deflect her attempts to kill him with a soap bottle informing her she makes a terrible serial killer.


A woman’s murderous intent emanates from her vagina apparently. Soma learned this in fireman school and proceeds to use the water to purge the evil from her.

After cleaning her he decides to fulfill her wish he saw on her phone earlier. However just as he is about to put it in the power goes out from the storm.

Apparently having sex in the dark was made illegal in japan at some point and so they have to stop. Soma gets up and leaves since for some reason he is fine with having blueballs all day instead of just fucking in a dark bathroom.

The next day at work everyone is happy to see Ryou probably believing she died when the power went out since the android waifus went on a rampage and began killing everyone after being disconnected from the grid. Or this is just the first time they saw her after her apartment fire and wanted to congratulate her on killing the bookcase that started it. More importantly will the other girls shown here actually get nude at some point as well and have scenes? Ryou and Megumi then talk about Soma it seems or maybe just fireman in general to hopefully lead to the new girl getting fucked by one also as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Why must bathrooms scenes be so common in these titles? It’s not even restricted to josei titles either as both joshi ochi and araiya had bathroom stuff as well. Gets boring since most of these end up being the same in terms of what happens. Also annoys me when making loops of scenes since even if you loop the action itself perfectly the annoying steam never will match up thus creating a noticeable change whenever it loops. Really fuck steam in all anime such a pain for numerous reasons. We got close to sex occurring though so maybe it will finally happen in an episode or two. Also since the other girls that seem to be people from Ryou’s work have appeared and it looks like she might be going to work in future episodes then hopefully that means we get something from them as well at some point. Considering how short this is I’m kind of doubting we will get a focus on the other girls and possible relationships they have with maybe the other men in the show so I’m kind of hoping we get short flashbacks with them or something at the very least.

What I mean is maybe they will talk to each other and describe what happened to each of them the night before or something at some point and then suddenly we get short quick scenes showing it. Or at least that is the only way I can think of that they could potentially give the other girls content when factoring the short episode number for this. Without seeing uploads of the manga that makes it hard to tell how much of this they are following and what original content they could potentially do. We still have the other two guys not have a big role yet despite being on the main visual so we still don’t know what the significance of the other guys or these girls could be. Really hoping we do get something from them in some way or another since it feels like such a waste to have so many different girls shown but then give them nothing. It’s strange knowing we are 1/4th done already due to the show only being 8 episodes but since we only have 6 episodes left that limits the room they have for much content. Maybe sex will happen soon since they have such a limited number.

Doing posts without subs is so much easier. The only time I really get to do that is with ovas or specials for shows due to not having any but at least with those the stuff is easier to figure out plus you have the actual real show it is based on to help you wing it. Here though I have no idea what is going on so that means I get to just type the first thing that comes to mind and be done with it. Makes doing this show despite saying I wouldn’t do josei anymore not a hassle. I should do this for all of the josei ones that way I won’t get bored with them and have a reason to cover them again instead of only doing male ones.