Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 4


Only one thing to do at a summer festival.


Still no sex yet but more of the same thing we have already gotten in previous episodes. Also doesn’t seem like there will even be a chance of the other girls getting something. Next week looks to be a beach episode so maybe we will get some service there for the others in beachwear maybe. But for this week we get more of the usual go to a summer festival and do something in the forest nearby thing out of sight that always seems to happen with these setups.

Continuing from the previous episode both Ryou and Soma change into their other clothing they just somehow had on them at the time and presumably ate their old clothing to save money on festival food and inventory space. While walking around she tells Soma that figurine is really the mastermind behind her apartment catching fire so he impresses her by blowing it’s brains out and giving it’s corpse to her as a trophy.

Apparently the other two guys are low level rapists and so before they attempt anything on their dates they decide to spy on Ryou and Soma so they can learn from watching him. Girl porn is dark. Ryou also discovers after looting the corpse of the figurine that it has tickets to a beach stay on it and takes them. Eventually Soma sees Jun looking at some food on his phone and compliments him on it. Having only had his previous clothes he was wearing earlier to eat he realizes this would be a good chance to get some real food so he offers Ryou as a trade in exchange for the food Jun was planning on ordering. Since Jun has low level rape skills an already partially broken girl will make for the perfect trade since even someone of his skill level should have no problems. And so Soma takes his first step into becoming a slave trade master by selling her off.

Jun being a low level failure attempts to take her to a love hotel instead of raping her on the spot like customary in the country. Ryou offended at his betaness calls him a pussy and runs off back to Soma as she wants a man that knows how to rape properly. Soma having just finished eating the food he traded her for gives her a hair clip that came free in his food as a gift which makes up for attempting to sell her off to another man.

They leave the festival to get away from the crowds and look at the city skyline as Soma tells her they have a city to burn. But first she needs her daily dose of rape since that i what the female audience is watching for.

And with that the episode ends. They just cut off at that point so wo knows if it will continue in the next episode or not. Based on the preview screen I’m thinking no though but who knows.



WebM Album.



Halfway over and no sex yet. The male r18 shows kind of spoiled us by letting us get to the important parts quick. No idea if we will even get sex next week either. This episode ends while they are in the middle of doing stuff which is what I suspected last week was going happen this week but as for what’s next is anyone’s guess. I figured if they did that then the following week would be part 2 to it and we would finally get to sex but based on the one preview screen that shows up at the end of the episode I don’t know. Next episode seems to take place at a beach which makes sense because of the beach tickets they won and so they probably won’t have time to have a continuation of this scene at the start of the next episode. So they will probably just skip to the next day or something with everyone going to the beach and then giving us some generic scene on the beach probably behind some rocks out of view of the others or something.

Maybe they still will do a continuation of this scene and will just use the remainder of the next episode to set up some beach stuff and keep any beach scenes confined to the week after but I’m thinking that won’t be the case and we will just jump into a beach episode instead. On the positive side assuming the other girls are there we would at least get them in swimsuits but that will probably be all we get from them in the show. Overall I’m kind of expecting the sex to still be maybe 2 more episodes away simply because if we have a beach trip next episode then they might follow the logic Omai did and not have the first sex scene be till they went to the beach and stayed at a hotel. Maybe they will rush it and have it happen next episode since we only have 4 episodes left so they don’t have a lot of time to work with. On a somewhat related note Araiya’s BD came out a few days ago and is currently 8th place on getchu for sales. So that is good and hopefully will convince them to start making male focused r18 shows more often.

Unintended and wasn’t planned this way but a post on a fireman show right after that manga comp wizard did with that name seems fitting. Been a while since I did a manga comp. I usually only do those when I have nothing else to do or for some special thing like a game release or holiday. Rune Factory 4 remaster for Switch came out in japan recently so I might end up doing a comp of that manga when the english release of the remaster happens even though it’s only one volume but does have some things worthwhile in it.