Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 5


Beach time.


So it looks like this episode did end up continuing right where the scene it ended at last week left off. Though the thing is I can’t really say if this week is the first time sex happened or not because it’s hard to tell. You will see what I mean shortly. Also we do get some very short beach stuff which does give us the other girls in swimsuits but that is it for any service this episode.

Picking up from last week Soma and Ryou continue but continue what I don’t know. This problem happens sometimes even in japanese porn and that is being unable to tell if the dick is actually going inside. Normally you would think it is but japan for some reason constantly does this keep it on the outside shit and rubbing it with the vagina instead. They usually do eventually put it in but you can’t even tell because of the mosaics and they act and move the same way regardless. So here in this case I can’t actually tell if they are fucking or not. The movement indicates they are but some parts of it look like it’s not actually in and without subs can’t rely on that either.

Also and you probably noticed this as well but you can’t see shit of anything in this scene. I didn’t skip parts or anything like these screens would imply but that is actually how the whole scene is. If a little kid walked by them at this point they would legitimately think they were just wrestling. Seriously other than like the two parts when you see the dick mosaics this is like the most pg13 rated shit I have ever seen in these r18 shows. Most of the scene is just close ups of faces and when you do see a body you don’t see anything due to the combination of the main guy being this huge neanderthal blocking her and the girl wearing a large robe preventing any nudity (I could rant about the bullshit of not removing tops or clothes in hentai or porn but I’ll spare the autistic rant this time). You can’t even say this is the result of being girl porn since all the previous ones weren’t like this in terms of showing little of the actual girl. Even the kissing parts were more or less no movement and when they were it was just like a static image being shook around so no point in doing webms of that either like I normally do.

After finishing up they return to the festival unaware a zombie outbreak had just occurred and everyone left the festival in a hurry. They don’t find it odd in the slightest that in the short time they were off on their own this entire crowded area was able to shut down and evacuate with not a single person around within mere minutes. Also the fireworks were still going off while they may or may not had been fucking so unless the zombies decided to shoot them off in celebration of their apocalypse the staff would had otherwise needed to light the things and jump in the car and speed off before they ignited. Regardless after Soma suggests stealing some of the festival stands to put back in his apartment, Ryou asks him to come with her to the beach because of those tickets she looted off the body of that dead figurine she had Soma kill last week for her.

Since we only saw one ticket I can only assume this is now a show about how to counterfeit tickets since somehow everyone ends up at that beach. We get to see the other two girls as well and it really makes it sad that we most likely won’t be getting anything from them in terms of scenes.

One of the guy’s suggests having a competition of who can shove the most impressive thing up their ass with him volunteering to put the entire umbrella up his. Not wanting to be outdone the other guy challenges him by saying he will shove an entire volleyball up his without it popping which is far harder than an umbrella due to the round geometry of a ball versus a small straight umbrella stick. Soma tells them just because this is girl porn doesn’t mean it needs to turn into gay porn as well. It is then suggested they actually use those objects to play a game of volleyball instead which shocks both of the other guys as they have never used these things for anything else before other than putting up their ass as both agree not to tell Soma about what they do with the firehose at work when he isn’t around. Soma and Ryou are put on different teams from each other as Soma is paired up with the far better looking girl. Which worries him since he questions how he is supposed to rape Ryou in the middle of the game when they are on opposite sides of the net.

Ayako is easily the best looking girl in the show. Why couldn’t she had been the main girl instead. Or at least show her in a scene with one of the other guy’s. Also she is 27 according to her info on the main site which makes her the oldest girl we have seen in these shows that isn’t someone’s parent. 

You already know what kind of obvious joke I would make here after seeing her do that.

While in the middle of the volleyball game, Ryou comes to a realization as she keeps looking at the ball. She quickly jumps up and slams the ball into the ground as hard as she can and tells everyone to get away from it as she suddenly yells objection and points towards the ball. As Cornered 2019 Orchestrated R18 edition begins playing in the background she yells that the volleyball was the true mastermind behind her apartment fire. The bookcase she beat to death was in reality sleeping with the volleyball’s wife the umbrella. The volleyball tired of being cheated on decided to frame the bookcase for starting the fire knowing Ryou who is actually a serial killer would kill it out of revenge.

However the ball became worried his plan would be discovered so he needed to eliminate Ryou as well. So the volleyball invited his friend the figurine to the festival where he gave him some beach tickets as a present that he claimed to had just won at one of the earlier stalls and since he doesn’t like the beach told the figurine he could have it. The figurine thanked him as the volleyball told him to stay there at the stall while he went to get them something to eat as he saw Ryou and Soma approaching. Ryou tells everyone the truth about the phone call we saw her have in the first episode in which a mysterious caller whom was really the ball the whole time told her to be careful around a figurine matching that description who was the real culprit. So that is why she told Soma to kill the figurine in the last episode when she saw it just like the volleyball expected to happen.

Knowing how Ryou operates by looting corpses of her victims the volleyball had given those tickets to his figurine friend for the purpose of getting them to Ryou as non suspiciously as possible. Now that they were all at the beach like the volleyball wanted he now just had to put the final part of his plan into action by having Ryou killed as well to eliminate any loose ends in the bookcase’s murder. Meanwhile the volleyball would send an anonymous call to the police about the figurine’s murder and Soma would be arrested for the murder of the figurine that the volleyball had tricked Ryou into tricking Soma to kill. This would then serve as the perfect motive to pin Ryou’s upcoming murder on Soma also thus getting rid of all the pawns in his plan. After Ryou finishes explaining all of this to everyone the volleyball remains quiet not saying anything clearly speechless his grand plan was discovered.  Everyone then asks Ryou if she plans on sharing those drugs she is on with everyone else so they can make this beach trip even more fun as the episode ends.



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I am still unsure if we had sex happen in this episode or not but even if it did you couldn’t see anything anyway so not like it would count. Next week will probably be the continuation of the beach trip so maybe we will get something more definite then. There are only 3 episodes left as well which almost has me worried they are going to pull a Skirt and have only one sex scene in the entire thing and only have it at the end. With the amount of episodes left and the fact that we haven’t really gotten a scene yet pretty much means we can probably give up on hoping for anything featuring the other girls if the main girl herself still has yet to have such a scene.

It’s a shame when stuff like this has multiple girls but we don’t get anything from them. I said this before about araiya as well but possibly the most wasteful thing you can do in porn is have a girl in it that doesn’t get fucked. Mind you this is girl porn so you could argue things are different but unlike the other girl porn shows so far not only did this have multiple girls but multiple guys as well thus giving the perfect chance for a variety of content. Hopefully when we do get an actual visible sex scene in this we can actually see it because the stuff in this episode was so tame it wasn’t really up to r18 standards.

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