Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou fanservice review episode 7


Well this show aired at the most inconvenient time.


So in case you are wondering why there was no post last week it’s because the episode was delayed for some reason and so there was no new episode last week. As for why it was delayed it might have something to do with this episode’s contents. I can’t tell if anything was altered or changed about the specific part in question but when you see it you will know why this part might have caused problems. As for the service for this episode it not only looks like this is going to be a wait till the final episode for sex type situation but also the focus on the girl is dropping with each episode it feels. Only one episode left at least and this will be done with.

Ryou and Soma decide since they are at an expensive hotel that means the water in the pool must be worth something. After Ryou tells Soma how she heard that selling one’s used bath water is all the rage on the internet these days they decide they will try and sell this pool water. To avoid getting caught they decide to hide the water in Ryou’s vagina as Soma tries to push the water in using his dick.

After putting a few gallons in her massive womb they get interrupted by one of the girls. I assume the other guy that was after Ryou in the previous episode just finished ripping the girl’s face off in an attempt to impress Ryou which is why we don’t see her and she is off screen. No seriously I saw the manga page of this part shown on the official twitter and it shows them get interrupted by the pink hair girl but they seem to have removed it from this and have her off screen. Afterwards they return home and later Ryou calls Soma to tell him that she just sold all the pool water after telling all the buyers she also peed in it. She then heads back proud of her sales so she can celebrate probably by getting raped by Soma later.

Jesus Christ what are you doing V just because Reeves said you have a city to burn he didn’t mean it literally.

So here is why the episode might had been delayed. Like I said I have no idea if anything else was changed here but you have someone planning on setting fire to a building so this show really had bad timing for when it aired.

As Ryou is heading back home she sees someone with the biggest joint she has ever seen on fire and doing drugs behind a building. She then realizes she can use their pool water money they just made to invest in the drug dealing business as there is clearly a market willing to pay top dollar if this guy is any indication. She already has a criminal record of killing bookcases and Soma killing volleyballs so they have nothing to lose so she calls Soma and tells him to get in contact with a supplier.


The guy hears Ryou making the phone call since she seems to have played MGS too much and somehow thinks phone conversations work like the codec and can talk on a phone just two feet away from someone and they not hear it. The guy reveals that the volleyball they killed in the previous episode was just a puppet and not the real arsonist and he was controlling it the whole time and was the real person to set her apartment on fire starting this whole show. He gives her his final boss speech of how he was impressed that she was so close to figuring out the truth but then she made the mistake of thinking things were over with the volleyball’s death. That mistake shall now cost her her life as the true final boss battle begins. Ryou proceeds to use escape and runs as final boss curses himself for not buying that “prevent heroes for escaping” final boss perk when he was at the jrpg villain convention that weekend and gives chase.

After hiding in an alleyway till he passes by Ryou proceeds to stand up and do a battle victory dance resulting in her kicking a can. She starts hoping maybe if he hears that he will simply think the alleyway is filled with haunted beer cans and run away himself. When that doesn’t work she does the next best thing she can think of and tries killing a glass bottle to assert her dominance with her feet and then tries to physically assault the concrete with her body in hopes these acts will demonstrate her power and cause him to flee instead.

When this doesn’t work she is caught and he begins to choke a bitch. Just as she is about to offer him a good deal on pool water filled with her pee as a final attempt to save herself, Soma shows up and grabs him saving her instead. Soma proceeds to violently kill him off screen that results in more blood and gore than ever seen before in an anime but the budget wasn’t high enough to animate it all so the scene just skips past it sadly. Now that the true final boss is defeated Soma asks Ryou if she and her vagina are okay as he is going to get into that tonight whether she gives it to him as a reward or not.

However in true final boss fashion just because the final boss is dead doesn’t mean things are safe yet. And since we don’t have a collapsing castle to escape from with only a few minutes timer displayed they instead have to deal with something else. Apparently right before he chased after Ryou he ignited the building to distract people from hearing her screams of death as he killed her. Now that his plan has failed and he’s dead they have to deal with the aftermath of his arson attempt before things are over for good. Soma leaves to go into the building with the other guys as they save some of the workers. As they get the last bit of workers from inside and are about to leave the roof collapses and surrounds them with fire trapping them in a corner. And with that the episode ends.



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So it seems in the end the show is going to take the approach Skirt did and only have sex occur at the end. I don’t think any of the other r18 shows ever did this as we would usually get it in the first 4 or so episodes or in the case of Joshi Ochi the first one. The service for this is also kind of lacking since for a bit now the scenes don’t show any female nudity much. I think we got some very brief nudity in the previous episode but for the most part we have been getting scenes that avoid showing nipples for a bit now. Out of all the girl porn shows this one feels like the most girly as it seems to focus on the guy more often than the previous ones did (I skip most of these parts obviously so you don’t see them here) and doesn’t give much view of the girl as much as we saw of the girls in the other shows as well.

This week would had been the final episode had it not been for the delay. No idea if the content in this episode being what it was ended up being the reason or if it was just a coincidence and they actually didn’t finish the episode in time. Regardless we should have the final episode next week now and at last we will I assume finally have a sex scene occur. So far the show has been boring and the service nothing special so this will be the last chance to at least make something decent with it’s sex scene but I don’t have much confidence in that happening. Just one more week and then it’s back to waiting and hoping for a male r18 show happening again.

And with that my current trilogy of posts has come to an end. It’s always tiring doing multiple posts in a row since I usually finish these right before publishing. In the case of this one it’s done hours in advance thanks to it being a short but for most of my posts I publish them right after I finish everything on them, In other words the posts are as fresh as possible. So doing multiple days in a row starts to get to you but I still want to see how many I can do and publish in a row someday. There is nothing I want to cover in fall though so might be awhile till I can do that.