Yurishia models bloomers and one-piece swimsuits in HxH’s 2nd special


IMS brings back the proper character design style this time and does plenty of sexy things, but forgets to show nipples, unfortunately.

Credit to nylon66 for the caps as usual!


hxh-v2-special-nylon-1 hxh-v2-special-nylon-2 hxh-v2-special-nylon-3 hxh-v2-special-nylon-4 hxh-v2-special-nylon-5 hxh-v2-special-nylon-6 hxh-v2-special-nylon-7 hxh-v2-special-nylon-8 hxh-v2-special-nylon-9 hxh-v2-special-nylon-10 hxh-v2-special-nylon-11 hxh-v2-special-nylon-12 hxh-v2-special-nylon-13 hxh-v2-special-nylon-14 hxh-v2-special-nylon-15 hxh-v2-special-nylon-16 hxh-v2-special-nylon-17 hxh-v2-special-nylon-18 hxh-v2-special-nylon-19 hxh-v2-special-nylon-20 hxh-v2-special-nylon-21 hxh-v2-special-nylon-22 hxh-v2-special-nylon-23 hxh-v2-special-nylon-24 hxh-v2-special-nylon-25 hxh-v2-special-nylon-26 hxh-v2-special-nylon-29 hxh-v2-special-nylon-30 hxh-v2-special-nylon-34 hxh-v2-special-nylon-35 hxh-v2-special-nylon-36a

No significant changes on blu-ray.  The special did not deliver nudity, though at least some of the scans inside the blu-ray container itself gave buyers something.

Have to say though, I’m actually pleased with this outcome anyway, because to me this show only really ever had one thing going for it, and that was some very good character designs by Hisasi.  The first special was okay, but it lost the character design impact that the series enjoyed.  It was good to see these characters actually look like the characters from the anime.  If they look totally different, it kinda feels like the specials don’t have as much meaning.

And with Yurishia being, at least for me, essentially the Akeno of this series in terms of character design quality, it was a relief seeing her actually look like herself.  And who knows, with 4 specials left to go, maybe there is still time for her to make another appearance.