Zantei Kanojo – Binkan Fighter Manga Fanservice Compilation

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Zantei Kanojo – Binkan Fighter is written and drawn by Yumeno Tanuki

The synopsis:

Murakami Yashiro lives a pretty isolated life and is more interested in virtual girls than in the real thing. One day, his grandfather changes his life forever by throwing him into an all-girls school that he happens to run. His grandfather is determined to have Yashiro get himself a real girl, and therefore not bring shame on their family’s name. To that end, he makes a school rule that seducing Yashiro is a requirement for anyone to take the coveted position of student council president. To gauge the success of female candidates, his grandfather puts an erotic meter on Yashiro’s forehead, which hits 100% at a successful seduction.
Many girls are eager to use Yashiro to acquire the position of student council president, and the current president, Masamune Momiji, will have her hands full trying to keep Yashiro’s attention and her rank. Yashiro has a huge crush on Momiji, but would she ever see him as anything other than a means to preserving her position?

That’s as good of a setup for an ecchi manga as one can hope for. At first I thought this manga would be non-nude, but was pleasantly surprised it was quite the opposite, particularly towards the end. It gets rather borderline-H in fact. If that’s still not enough for you, the mangaka’s other work in hentai is worth checking out.

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Zantei Kanojo – Binkan Fighter manga fanservice compilation (vol.1) (Complete)


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Compilation of Volume 1

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