Burn Up! Excess fanservice compilation

Continues Team Warrior’s exploits, comprised of the habitually broke Rio, gun-crazy Maya, hacker Lilica, tech-expert Nanvel, and led by the enigmatic Maki.

The Third entry in the Burn Up! franchise: Burn Up! Excess is loosely a continuation of the previous OVA featuring once again the same character designs and setting as in Burn Up! Warrior… sadly for the last time since these designs were scrapped (Along with Nanvel Candlestick… which is beyond fucking moronic) instead replaced with the generic iteration of the Warrior Team seen in Burn Up! Scramble. Excess redefined breast jiggling it takes it to a whole new level… yet this show for some reason went with blank nudity… which doesn’t really add up after all the attention on breasts.

Burn Up! Excess is easily one of the most iconic fanservice shows of the 90’s and with good reason. Not only is there a great constant flow of fanservice but the show is just a ton of fun… Fun, Something rarely associated with anime nowadays. On another note, Oh man I frigging love this shows Opening its just so damn catchy. It really is a shame that this is the last we saw of this particular iteration of the Warrior Team. They struck gold with these designs and they just threw that in the trash for the next and last iteration. Scramble is just wrong on so many levels. Maybe I’ll compile it sometime in the future but I really don’t see that happening soon, and I’m certainly not in a hurry to re-watch it.


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