Kimisen Episodes 5-6 Fanservice Review

Still exists!

I decided to cover this show bi-weekly. There just isn’t enough fanservice to warrant weekly reviews. Did that buffer help? Not really – just thirty six images, two stitches and two webms. But at least one of those stitches were nice I guess.

I tuned out of Kimisen a few episodes go, now entering 100% media collector mode. So I don’t even know why best girl is crying. But I hope she feels better.

easily the best shot in the episode. Alice is so hot. Unfortunate that there are not more like this and of course we will never see her nude. From what I’ve seen from the LN art, alice is put in way more provocative positions than this anime is allowing.

It can’t possibly get any worse from here on out, and there is BOUND to be a beach episode (right?!?!?) So here’s hoping things get better. I won’t drop the show out of obligation of finishing what I start, which has been an issue in the past with all the projects I have ongoing.

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