Girls Bravo Episode 24 DVD Fanservice Review

This is it! Final Bravo!

I Consider this episode the final of a two-parter, and sadly the end of the series.
Hey you know what would be a good note to start the last episode on? The daily bath scene. Only this time it features multiple ladies, that is the ones in the Bath they magically transported to. The largest public bath in Seiren that is. 

Well our main group is in danger! If only there was someone that could prevent these ladies from a population of 90% and over females from tearing their claws into our main protagonist Yukinari. Who would be the best at that? Oh wait, we have Fukuyama to do that for us. Why did they even bring Fukuyama knowing the female populace was literally crawling with females that Fukuyama would even take advantage of. You know what, in retrospect, not a bad idea to distract the ladies when needed. In other news the group is less than impressed to see this.

With the adventure set to continue Tomoka leads them to the place Miharu is being kept. That is assuming Tomoka doesn’t get them lost. . . Which she does. Now that they are lost in a dungeon, they are left to defend themselves against the cutest things alive. I like how Ebi functions as a guiding flashlight. 

Awe it’s cute!

Oh wait fuck this. . . Abort!

You know what makes me think? These bears with claws are in a civilization with at least 90 percent female population. Meaning that these things, which are labelled “The most dangerous creature on Seiren” are meant to lure females in to kill them. These things would of had to adapt that way in order to lure their prey in. Hell it almost works on Kirie. That’s seriously either really well thought up, or really damn scary.

Oh no this is becoming a sacrifice-self type episode. Ebi sacrifice himself to save Tomoka. Risa after creating the tree that saves Yukinari, Tomoka, and Kirie falls down to save Ebi. After one of the coolest shots with Risa, she is left offscreen battling the stuffed animals. Whos going to sacrifice themselves next?

Tomoka is next I guess, and she charges headfirst into the department only to be stopped by a simple avoidable trap. Thanks Tomoka.

After getting into the building one of the main antagonists shows herself. The one that kidnapped Miharu, is none other than Yukinari and Kirie’s teacher. Who was sent in to spy on Miharu. It is revealed by Maharu, that the teacher always stalked Miharu from a very young age. Yup, she’s a lesbian, and her goals align with Yukina’s goal in sealing off Seiren from Earth in order to have no men on the Seiren side.

Meanwhile, the Teacher’s ability is to Hypnotize others. She has also hypnotized Koyomi’s father on Earths side. So while the main group rescues Miharu. Koyomi’s father manages to knock down Hayate with ease, and makes his approach on Koyomi. 

Hayate manhandles the strongest lady in the series with ease. The hypnotism apparently gives super strength. He throws Lilicia to the side and approaches Kosame. Kosame locks the door on Koyomi’s father. Meanwhile Yukinari moves on to encounter Yukina, leaving Maharu and Kirie to defend themselves. Kirie has a really well animated fight against the Teacher.

Yukina reveals her plan to deny every female in Seiren a males attention, because of her body. She not only has star marks all over her body, making her the most magical girl on Seiren, but she also has the same thing Yukinari has, an allergic reaction to males.

Yukinari advances towards her whilst showing empathy and the occasional blush. Empathizing with her as he has had the same thing happen with him.

Meanwhile Miharu continues to be on the losing end of the fight against her teacher. Fukuyama saves her at the last possible moment. He even taught all the girls in Seiren how to do moves like Kirie. 

Kirie massively suplex’s the Teacher. Breaking free the girls of Seiren from the hypnotism.
This also breaks free Koyomi’s father back on Earth. Now its just up to Yukinari to succeed.

Yukinari succeeds, and Miharu bursts out of her bubble. Please note, Yukina showed an allergic reaction to Yukinari in this scene. Peace is now in Seiren as the bust is seen from very far away.

Credit Roll! Even in this moment, it’s kind of nice for Kirie to show even compassion for Fukuyama to at least hold him while he’s bleeding from his face. Meanwhile lets find out what happens post credits!

Oh its Yukina! Who is now for some reason clear of her allergy only when sticking to Yukinari. However Yukinari’s allergy is back, which means he’s still only immune to Miharu. Well isn’t that weird, considering Yukina initially had that reaction to Yukinari in the first place.

Meanwhile. . .

Kirie now has three in total after her. Now including the teacher! That suplux really does wonders for people doesn’t it.

Koyomi is now at peace with her dad, and even the snake!

Koyomi, Hayate, and Tomoka have a sip of tea while the antic’s go on upstairs. However that is short lived because Maharu is now on Earth again and is able to freely look for a male. She starts by openly proposing marriage to Hayate. His reaction is priceless. 

Yukinari wraps up the show a changed man. He is now not afraid to talk to girls, and has rather embraced it. It ends with a zoom in shot of the photo of all the main characters.
The End.


Holy Heck. I would like to thank the readers for being patient with me as it took me forever and a day to upload the entire series. Girls Bravo is what started me with the Ecchi Genre. Yes initially I was attracted to it because of the Fanservice, but this runs a little deeper for me because this series shows how fun a harem-comedy can be, and still be a little touching in moments when it wants to. It’s goofy, but its a fun time that doesn’t take itself seriously to the end.

I would love to see a season 3 of this, or even a remake! Hell, the manga doesn’t even have nudity in it, and it’s still an enjoyable ride the entire way. This series keeps a very nostalgic value for me when it comes to anime in general for me.

I really got to learn to make stitches, because Scissor really kept this one going too!

Stitches by ScissorMeTimbers!


Thanks ScissorMeTimbers!



And with that Girls Bravo is over! Who’s your favorite girl from this series? Write your answer down in the comments! (Mine is and always has been Risa Fukuyama~)