One Room Fanservice Review Episodes 5-8

It’s the little sister I’ve always wanted!

Girl number 2 takes certain stage of, One Room! If you’re following my Seiren posts or read the previous One Room post then you should know that after 4 episodes the female heroine changes. Also, remember the main character is, you! Self-insert into the max here and let your heart go wild! Anyhow, our female heroine this time is, Natsuki Momohara, your little sister. She’s a cutie and innocent as can be. After being apart for so long she’s missed her, Onii-chan. As such she’s traveled a long way to come spend some time with you.  She’s here to cook, clean, and be there for you! What more could one ask for in there, Imouto.

Service? Natsuki, a cute and that’s all you need! Okay, there’s some stuff here though. DFC lovers gather round because that budding chest needs love. Our little sister is as flat as can be and she’s a bit shy about it too. From down below she rocked some thin yet lustful legs. Even gave us some feet service from time to time. Onii-chan, not feeling well? Well, your little sister is ready to mount you and give you a massage to make you feel all better! Finally, we’re given a shower scene. Stepping in on your sister showering? Well, you’re in for an interesting experience to the say the least.


Episode 5 caps and stitches.


Episode 6 caps and stitches.


Episode 7 caps and stitches.


Episode 8 caps and stitches.

Breaks my heart to see the sister I’ll never have leave me. Come back!!!


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One final post remains for, One Room. Next up I’ll be covering, Moka Aoshima. Look forward to it!