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When watching the Seikon no Qwaser anime, I got the feeling that it was a series that was trying to actually be about something.  By that I mean, I think they actually had high aspirations that went beyond gratuitous tits and ass, they actually wanted to create an epic story.

And I think in the mind of the series creator, the extreme use of sexuality was just a way to add gravitas, similar to how the nudity in shows like Elfen Lied and Gantz actually helped make those series more emotionally powerful and shocking.  I think it falls short of that standard, this series to me is just Grade A smut, but it’s good stuff all the same.  And when was the last time someone complained about a super-hot nude ecchi series having too much plot?  Exactly.

I wonder how different Seikon no Qwaser might have been if were adapted with more serious intentions, instead of by Hoods Entertainment.  Reading the manga, it actually feels a lot like a grown up version of D.Gray-man in a lot of ways.

Of course, I think the world of Hoods Entertainment and I think they did a fantastic job with the anime (how could anyone hate anything Hiraku Kaneko has done?).  But it’s kind of interesting to read the manga and see how mangaka Hiroyuki Yoshino weaves his way between intense storytelling and extreme, fetishistic eroticism.

It would be nice if we get a 3rd season of Seikon no Qwaser some day, though I doubt we will.  Sequels tend to make less money than originals, and the second season only averaged 3,385 BD sales per volume- half the rate of the original season.  At the very least we’ll still have the manga, which is still ongoing.