Maken-ki! Two’s eighth episode attempts to mix Nazis with sexy

Maken-ki! Two‘s 8th episode begins with principal Minori getting butthurt over an eavesdropped comment on her lack of ladylike qualities, and she decides to get back by appointing Takeru’s pervy partner in crime Kengo as the new acting principal.  The expectation is that Kengo will have the power go to his head and turn the academy into a pervert’s dystopia.  Kengo does not disappoint. A quick recap of some of the episode’s highlights:

Cutey Honey Fanservice AMV

Unlike most of my recent AMVs, this one is an actual direct excerpt from the final video.  After compiling all the fanservice clips as I normally would in the project, I had a special section near the end that replayed all of the Cutie Honey’s R-rated transformations, which is what you see here.  After that I had another montage that played all the nude transformations in slow motion.