Shishunki na Adam light novel fanservice compilation

It’s fairly uncommon to see nudity in light novels.  Even light novels that spawned very successful nude ecchi franchises such as High School DxD avoided nude illustrations.  So when you see a light novel like Shishunki na Adam, one with messy sex, nipple sucking, threesomes, tentacles (of course), spooky ghost dicks… one of them apparently growing out of our heroine during a recent scene, it’s enough to make you double-take.

So, apparently Sekatsuyo’s 4th BD will not have nudity

I already figured we’ve seen the last of the in-series nudity as episodes 7-12 were censorship free and ARMS typically opts against re-draws.  And that’s just fine, Sekatsuyo was always a series that did most of its damage on its disk specials anyway.  But considering that this is the first blu-ray to not provide nudity from the TV episodes, wouldn’t it be kind of lousy timing for the special to not have nudity either?