More Ikkitousen is on its way


It just got announced at Ikkitousen’s website.  For those like me who can’t read Japanese, you can read some of the details here.

It’s been four years since the fourth season… three years since the most recent episode (an OVA)… I figured this series was done, especially the way ecchi sales have been declining lately.  Obviously, this is fantastic news.

It hasn’t yet been announced whether this new installment will be an OVA or a full TV series.  I kinda lean towards a full series, if only because it seems like they are making too much of a hoopla for a single OVA (they are re-releasing all the previous seasons on blu-ray boxes to coincide with whatever this new anime will be).

A promotional video on the site teases us by saying “the legend of even more beautiful fighters begins.”  Obviously, that implies new characters.  Kind of hard to jam a bunch of new characters into a single OVA.