Queen’s Blade – Rurou no Senshi Fanservice Playlist


I’m working on a playlist styled compilation that fixates on the nude sections from the Queen’s Blade franchise (a small handful of non-nude shots made the cut as well).  It’s pretty much the same deal as the Seikon no Qwaser playlist I released last year.


DDL:  1080p


Despite the fact that I saved a lot of time by having the previous project to work from, this is still a very time consuming process and it will take some time for this playlist to be fully completed.  So what I’m going to do is every time a section of the series is completed, I’ll release that portion on the blog.  Once the 4th Vanquished Queens OVA is available this Summer, I’ll release the completed playlist of every season via torrent at Nyaa.

I’m only bothering to do this in 1080p for now, making all these files as 720p would be a major pain in the ass.  If I can find an easy way to do it, I might reconsider.