25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 12



The end at last.


Nearly two months after it aired I can finally complete the final episode. The sheer amount of problems with subs for this show either being late or getting dropped by the original subber just made this already boring show worse. Also much like episode 11 there was no clean raw only a shitty watermarked one so since the video source had a watermark on them the webms I made from that source have it as well (though I could avoid it for individual screenshots at least by using the chinese subbed version). Now let’s get things over with.


Picking up from the end of the previous episode Hana and Kanie go inside to talk. Kanie tells her he is sorry and Hana tries to take the blame saying she is the one who made him angry by saying none of this concerned him since she was upset realizing how he has a career and she is just wasting time (“You raped me but it’s my fault” I’m not even going to bother anymore just get this stupid shit over with).

He then tells her to stop thinking lowly of herself and that she already did something important and that was aid him to getting to where he is today. We then get a flashback to when they were in highschool and she was helping him study. Kanie tells her he was only able to become a teacher because of her.

He then tells her she wouldn’t notice something like that since she wasn’t aware of something he said to her back then either. She is confused and we get another flashback to when Kanie asked her if she had a boyfriend while they were studying. When she said she didn’t he told her he loved her which she took to be a joke and didn’t take it seriously when he in reality meant it.

Hana tells him she is sorry and thought since he said it so casually back then she didn’t think he was serious. She than asks Kanie if he still feels that way today and wants him to tell her for real this time. He admits to her that he still loves her and kisses her as she starts crying.

If you are watching the standard version you get this scene next…

If the r18 version you get the following instead…

I didn’t mess up the video it actually does that stupid slow down movement thing in the episode. Had to make a second webm with only the first few seconds included before the slowdown occured so it looked more normal.

R18 content ends here and both versions join back up here.

Kanie tells her to make sure to come to school tomorrow as he gets ready to leave. As he is leaving Hana stops him and says how happy she is to know how he feels and that she too loves him. He is happy that she finally told him the same thing as well as they kiss and the episode ends.



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Finally after having to drag this on for 2 more months it’s done. This show was easily the worst of all four r18 shows I have covered. The animation was the worst, the story and the characters as well and to top it off the show constantly raped my face with its brightness. It’s a shame how this r18 thing that started last year had a lot of potential but then every advancement they made they threw out with this title. Souryo was the first so it had that benefit then came Skirt which gave us a minute of extra content for the r18 version each week which gave it a consistent amount of extra content while Souryo was random in the amount. Then we had Omiai which not only beat out all of them with the best animation and every other aspect but it also gave us a larger amount of r18 extra content overall which easily made it the best. It really seemed like they were getting better with each one only for 25sai to shit all over it. 25sai also seemed to be a look at the direction they appear to be moving in with these.

While Souryo and Omiai actually had more of a romance aspect to it (and I guess some people will say Skirt too though that is debatable) the same can’t be said of 25sai fully. Sure it attempted to add some romance to it about halfway but the characters being bland and the overall take advantage of the girl aspect seemed to be more prevalent here than before. Then we of course have the current prison one which is a full on treat the woman like shit thing. It almost seems like that is the direction they might be going now but can’t be sure till the next one is announced. As you can guess I am not going to do posts on the current prison one as I don’t care for this new direction they are going let alone I don’t want to deal with the endless frustration covering these shows provide. It wasn’t so bad at first but now if you watch these you have to deal with inconsistent subs that may end up dropping halfway, deal with no uncensored raws anywhere and then if they do appear they are watermarked, it was just an endless amount of bullshit just attempting to do these posts which were not helped by the show being shit.

The biggest crime though is that they don’t seem to want to really progress further with these r18 shows. For starters all of them feel the exact same with characters almost copies of each other with only the theme changing (priest, crossdresser, student, teacher, prison) there is really nothing new here that they all just feel redundant at this point. More importantly they are always aimed at women by adapting josei manga rather than trying new audiences. It is a massive shame that we have yet to get a male oriented manga get this r18 treatment as it opens up so many possibilities. Making r18 become more widely accepted would benefit shows and the potential for shows immensely but it seems they just want to keep it a niche aimed at women instead of expanding. Just imagine the various borderline h harem manga out there getting the r18 treatment with a different girl each episode. So much lost potential not explored.

Also the need for an all ages version is really holding the amount of service back. At the end of the day they need to have enough content to fill the 3 minute and 30 second timeslot so as a result we don’t get any episodes which are just one long sex scene as they would have no content for the all ages version. Souryo approached this well by creating alternate scenes for the standard version but those were only around 30 seconds long and not every episode. Doing that every episode let alone for an extend length would be twice as much work and they obviously won’t do that as these are already low budget as you can tell.

With all that said I really hope unknown to us other companies are watching these and contemplating doing the same thing for a male audience at some point because I would really like to see the freedom r18 grants utilized for manga that otherwise we would probably never get an adaption of. It is hard to know how well these sell as the uncensored versions which are the main ones people would be after wouldn’t appear on sales charts. It is worth noting though that Omiai actually managed to rank and sold close to 300 and this being on the normal charts would only include the censored version. Assuming the uncensored one is what people would buy the most of it is possible these are selling a decent amount for just a 5 minute show if the censored version managed that much.

Overall I still hope we can see one of these r18 shows aimed at men in the future as maybe that will really help get them more exposure as I feel many do pass by these since they are at the end of the day porn for girls. Maybe making a male one would get hentai sub groups to actually care as well and we get a consistent release instead since not many others care to do these shows. As for doing more posts on these shows I’m not going to say it is impossible but for the time being I am done doing them. I did r18 show posts for an entire year for four seasons so I really do want a break from them. I legit liked Omiai and Souryo was not too bad either but Skirt and 25sai bored me with 25sai being the biggest offender. Both Omiai and Souryo being the only two I liked were done by Seven so maybe I will only care when they do one again. If by chance in the future we get another one done by Seven and it actually looks interesting and more importantly I am ensured that subs happen consistently or at the very least uncensored non watermarked raws are uploaded consistently then maybe I will do posts on one of these shows again. Alternatively if we get one aimed at males one day I would certainly do that instantly regardless of the studio as that change alone would make it fresh. Until either of those happen though I’m done doing posts on these r18 type shows.

Just watch as the r18 show for summer gets announced and it ends up being a male oriented one. That would actually piss me off. I would be glad and all that we finally got one but I really want to take a break to only do regular anime for a bit. Even more so considering there are some things in summer I may end up doing posts on already so I certainly don’t want to have another show added to that. I might be the one doing the Isekai posts but I haven’t decided completely yet. There are a lot of possibilities for summer looking at it.