Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 TV Fanservice Review Episode 17 & 18

Right now, there’s even light beams for food service too!! (^^)

Episode 17

Before the advancement test for Yukihira takes place, everyone went for a bath to relax themselves.

Dojima mentions that Akira was forced by the Central by Azami.

Upon hearing about it, Yukihira was more determined to win Akira for the upcoming match!

The following advancement exams for the rebels will be a match against the elite 10, will they really stand a chance against them?

During the match day, the contestant, the judge, the commentator,¬† the supporters….everyone was there (^^)v

And now, the match begins!!

Akira was planning to make Texas Fried Chicken using bear meat!! That’s interesting!!

As for Yukihira, he’s going to fry the bear meat too!!

However, Akira was way ahead of him. It brought the judges to ecstasy by just tasting the sauce of the bear fried chicken!!

Somehow, Yukihira manages to finish the dish first. The fried bear meat cutlet impressed the judges for its perfect taste and how Yukihira was willing to take risk by using the smelliest but tastiest  part of the bear.

Episode 18:

Soon, Akira presents his bear meat Texas Fired Chicken!! Everyone stares in awe as it was glowing with heavenly glory!!

The judges taste Akira’s dish and concluded that his dish is more superior than Yukihira’s bear meat cutlet. Hmmph, stop posing poser!! I knew you got the recipe from Texas!! However, this is not the end. Yukihira created a superior sauce that combines well with his bear meat cutlet.

The taste can even made the judges clothe’s disappear instantaneously!! (^_^) Finally, it was decided in Yukihira’s favor due to his idea of using bear meat from armur cork tree where he figured out though trial and error and scouring mountains for possible ingredients.

Akira then come to realizes that he lost sight of why he wanted to when he joined Central, as he had really enjoyed cooking with his classmates and friends. Afterwards, Erina rushed to ask Yukihira how he’s doing.

One of Azami’s aides came to inform them that Akira was expelled for his loss. In addition, a number of rebels have lost their matches and was expelled too. (T^T)

Be sure to watch the next episode of Shokugeki no Soma to know more about them!! (^_-) Thanks for reading everyone!! Stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review!! (^^)v