25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 4


Class reunions result in sexy time.


Even though this has been the most boring of the r18 shows so far it has managed to set a new record with this episode. Only 4 episodes in and we have gotten to the first sex scene while previous shows took longer than that. Doesn’t really change how boring everything else has been so far but at least it gets the distinction of being the fastest to get to sex.

I have to stop to point something out here which is actually really odd. As you can see in the subtitles the class reunion is the class of 89. At first I thought maybe this was a mistake in translation since I didn’t see a number in that other than 0 but no that 1989 is correct. It says Heisei 0 on the sign and apparently Heisei is some era of time that began in 1989 with each year being a number higher. I had no idea about this so I looked up what I could find and apparently in Japan with each new emperor a new period name is given and the counting resets. There doesn’t seem to be a 0 year listed with the era starting at number 1 but I guess the show wanted to be different or something but 0 can count as the first year as well I assume which is why the translation used that. Essentially Heisei 1 is 1989 and Heisei 2 is 1990 and so forth and so on so currently it is Heisei 30 in Japan now. Who would have thought you would learn something from a show that is porn for girls.

However this causes a very big problem. If they are the class of 89 and since they are 25 that means it has been around 7 years since highschool ended which means this show takes place in the year 1996. But this makes no sense when you consider just 2 episodes ago we saw both characters using smartphones. So apparently this show must take place in an alternate timeline in which technology advanced quicker than it did in our own that smart phones were common items with the populous in this alternate 1996. I can also only assume this rapid advancement of technology in this alternate timeline resulted in damaging the atmosphere which has resulted in the sun’s rays being much brighter and stronger than what we experience here in our timeline hence explaining the massively over bright nature of this show. The main girl looking like her cousin probably is also the result of some kind of strange DNA manipulation thing going on in this alternate timeline thus resulting in her looking so close to her cousin that she is able to pose as them. Holy goddamn fuck a show that is porn for woman has some deep science fiction lore going on in it. And that is what I am going to convince myself of so I can make it through this.

As meantioned at the end of the previous episode their highschool reunion was coming up and both were going to attend it. While at the reunion some of the people mention how different Kanie looks compared to back then. He meets up with Hana and ends up staying around her the whole time and talks with her. She starts getting nervous having him around her but he tells her if she starts acting suspicious people will know something is wrong (Surely seeing a girl acting nervous around a guy would result in anyone coming to the logical conclusion that it must be because she is posing as her highschool age cousin elsewhere and the guy is her teacher right?).

Kanie gets bored at the party and grabs Hana and takes her to a bathroom stall in which he does stuff to her. While they are in the process of this they hear some people walking down the hall and Kanie tells her to be quiet or they will be found out. They hear the conversation the two guys are having and hear them talking about how Kanie and Hana are dating or at least that is what it looked like to everyone since they were together the whole time. While listening to this Hana also hears one of the guys mention how even back in highschool Kanie liked Hana so that it would make sense for them to be dating now. Hana is surprised at this but Kanie then starts doing even more stuff to her after that in an attempt to distract her from what she just heard them say. Also in case you are curious this part in the standard version just had lightbeams over the groping and fingering parts.

At this point if you are watching the standard version you get this scene appear instead..

In the r18 version however you get the following instead.

There is no movement here.

Hana proceeds to have anĀ epileptic seizure from the constant brightness of this show.

At this point the r18 content ends and both versions resume at this point. Also I want to break the kneecaps of whoever decided to make this show so bright.

Two characters have just had sex for the first time and we can assume Hana lost her virginity here as well since the female leads in the other r18 shows were virgins and yet despite this neither of the two characters acknowledge what just happened at all. Seriously the sex just occurred out of nowhere and isn’t even acknowledged as having happened. Remember what I said in the previous episode about how disconnected the r18 version and standard version are with the r18 content not even getting noticed in the story in the standard version. It seems like that might be a common thing here with the r18 content feeling disjointed from the show despite the fact that it is part of the story. Anyway Hana starts to ask Kanie about what those guys said about him liking her back in highschool but decides to stop and not ask him further.

Hana tries to stand up but falls down probably because of just getting fucked which again probably means this was her first time but yet doesn’t seem to mind that she just lost her virginity in the bathroom at a class reunion. At least the other r18 shows acknowledged the first time between the two leads but this just seems to not care at all. Kanie helps her up and then tells her he will go back to the others to make up an excuse on why they were gone so no one gets suspicious and leaves. Hana then watches him leave confused at his behavior. Probably also confused on how this josei manga got an adaption when there were probably better ones out there instead and the episode ends.


WebM Album.


Was actually surprised to see that sex occurred so fast in this compared to the other R18 shows. In the case of Souryo it was episode 6 that sex first happened but in Skirt it wasn’t till the final episode meanwhile it was in episode 6 that it first occurred in Omiai. Getting to the sex quickly is nice and all since that is probably the main thing people want to see but it seemed so sudden that it was hard to even realize it just happened. Unlike the other 3 R18 shows in which the characters at least had some established relationship or build up that doesn’t happen here at all and just occurs out of the blue. You don’t even get any scenes indicating it was about to happen it was just instant which would be fine if the characters had already had sex previously since then instant sex would kind of make some sense but here it doesn’t feel like their first time together. Who knows maybe there is some past stuff from highschool or something that will be explained later which is the only way this whole thing could make sense.

There was just something really off and odd about how the sex just happens and neither of the characters even acknowledge it happened and two people having sex together for the first time is a pretty big deal especially in something that is supposed to be a romance genre (though honestly this show doesn’t seem like it at all compared to the others). Also it was strange how the sex was pretty much on softcore levels and not at all on the level of something rated r18. Then again Omiai sort of did this at first as well without you seeing much but then later showed actual explicit hardcore stuff so I assume that will happen here as well at some point probably. At least we know the service has now reached sex early on so hopefully they keep that up for all the remaining episodes since anything less will almost feel like a downgrade now that they have reached that point.

It’s amazing how you can go from 1/4th of being done a show to 1/3rd of being done a show in just one episode. The power of math. So I just have to think how I only have to do everything I have done for the show so far just two more times and it will be over. Thankfully I have 7virtues to cover as well which is far far better than this. Hopefully the next r18 show which will probably happen in spring is better than this one. Hoping Seven comes back to do it since they have done the best job with these.