Blend S TV Fanservice Review Episode 3, 4 & 5:

Due to low amount of fanservice in these 3 episodes, I will only be highlighting some of the interesting parts here.


Episode 3:

The story begins as usual where Maika arrives early for work, but this time the manager is earlier than her.

Maika shares that she admires blonde hair and wanted to dye her hair since young, but her parents are against it. Poor Maika, it’s probably because of the ominous looks in her eyes. (>.<)

The manager looks tired, so Maika offered him to sleep on her lap. Without much thinking, he happily accepts it.

Maika is attracted to blonde hair, so she plays with the manager’s hair roughly. Soon, the manager is in hot water when the other staffs arrived and saw what he’s doing.

It seems that there’s a misunderstanding of sexual harassment here. (>.<)

Episode 4:

The waitress who draws erotic dojinshi made her appearance!! (^o^)

Maika tries to work harder by providing a better service. Without knowing, she uses a table cloth to wipe a customer’s face.

Soon, Maika underwent a special training to provide a more sadistic personality for her customers.

AND THIS!!! Is finally what she become….

Haha, a new level of sadistism!!

But her colleague says that she can stay how the way she is usually but only to provide this type sadistic service when the customer wants it. Maika was so happy about it. (^o^)

She forgot that she’s still stepping on the manager’s head. (>.<) But it will be a great view if he can looks up and see what’s behind him ~

Episode 5:

It’s pony tail day at the café!! (^^) All staff in the café formed their hair into ponytails.

Kaho tries to help Maika form a ponytail, but when she removes her ribbons. Her hair becomes like this…..

It’s kinda exaggerating, but it’s difficult to imagine for someone to see a pair ominous eyes and a hairstyle likes this in the middle of the night. She might be a very suitable candidate to film horror movies XD.

The overall fanservice for these 3 episodes is low, but it is not a reason for you not to like this anime!! Stay tune for the next fanservice review where all of them are going to the beach~ High amount of fanservice will be up next!! Thanks for reading!! (^^)v