The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 1


Life with an angel waifu.


Time to finally see the 7virtues after only getting a brief appearance in 7sins. I should point out first that this show is much different from 7sins and not just in length either. You should not be expecting a deep story or anything like that as this is clearly meant to be a fun self insert short for you to spend 5 minutes with on a friday along with some service. As long as you know this and know what you are getting into you should have no issues watching the show as it is not meant to be taken seriously and so you shouldn’t take it seriously for that reason.

It seems Lucifer and the other 7sins have apparently started to become more powerful and started to corrupt enough people in the world that heaven has decided to make their move to stop it. In order to accomplish this they must seek out someone who will take on the role of the Messiah that will save the world (don’t know why the official site lists it as savior candidate but whatever). The 7virtues thus come to earth to try and find the person who is suitable for this role and to help them out.

Michael quickly sees someone she believes to be the person suitable to become the Messiah and quickly takes him away back to his house while he is confused about what is going on.

The guy has no idea what is going on but she tells him it doesn’t matter and he should instead focus on training to become stronger so that he can fight the devil like his role of Messiah requires.

Michael is able to convince him to train and he agrees because hey at least he gets an angel waifu if he does it.

After finishing up his exercises they decide to take a break. He notices that Michael is probably hungry and asks her what she wants to eat. She hesitantly tells him she likes omelettes and he makes one for her. After Michael eats it she is impressed at his cooking skills which becomes important later. Afterwards they go back to training.

Michael teaches him how to use a sword as well as training to increase his strength.

Having finished up his training for the day they return home to eat. He makes Michael another omelette and she tells him she will keep training him to be even better as long as he keeps making these for her. In other words learning how to cook helps you get a waifu. And with that the episode ends. The credits also provide some nice service as well.

Unfortunately all the credits text is in the way of getting a good view so we are left waiting for the BD to get a creditless ED so we can see it. Also it seems like this ED might be slightly different in the BD as well based on the BD’s description(I talk more about this at the end of the post). This current ED does give us see through nudity of each of the girls though at episode 1 so that is nice and also means we can probably expect nudity from each of them for their episodes.


WebM Album.


Something I should point out is that this is only going to be 10 episodes long probably due to the fact that it is starting so late into the season. However there are 2 bonus episodes that will be included on the BD on April 27th so we are kind of getting a Bikini Warriors type thing going on but with two extras instead of one. The two bonus episodes according to the BD description are titled “Messianic qualities” and “Splash! New special training”. That second one sounds like it will be a pool/beach episode from the title.

Also another thing of note is the ED has this as it’s description ノンクレジットエンディング(全裸ver.) “Non credit ending (naked ver.)” so from the sound of that we will of course be getting a creditless version of the ED but that description also sounds like maybe they will be naked in the BD’s version of the ED instead of wearing the see through clothes they have on here (hopefully it’s not just a case of them calling the uncensored atx one “naked”). The BD is also supposed to have a 32 page booklet included with it which includes all the Zunta artwork that has been getting released weekly for awhile now. Since 32 weeks wouldn’t had passed yet by then we can assume some pages will be BD exclusive stuff so maybe it will be on the level of those booklets included with the 7sins BDs.

As for the show itself it certainly took the direction that 7sins should had done in the first place. I prefer my ecchi to be lighthearted and not serious so seeing that they decided to go that route for 7virtues is nice. The first 7 episodes will probably be focused on a different girl each time. As for the remaining 3 episodes who knows what they will do with those. Perhaps we will actually get a 7sins cameo later on with those last episodes. The show is short but considering the premise that probably was the best option since making it a full show would probably be hard to do without it feeling dragged on. Though being twice the length at 10 minutes probably could had worked without too much problems.

With that said the show is obviously meant to promote the figures since Michael’s estimated release is February or March so considering that and how quick this got announced after 7sins the short length is understandable. Also since Wonder Festival winter takes place next month HJ may use that time to show off new figures for the series since the timing would make sense in coordinating with the show. The short length doesn’t bother me since Bikini Warriors was short and turned out fine and as long as people accept this for what it is rather than focusing on what they wanted it to be this will be fine as well.

It has been a year since I last covered a show that wasn’t r18 rated. Haven’t got to do a normal show since Akiba’s Trip last winter so being able to do a regular show again is nice. I am forever stuck doing r18 shows since I doubt they will end and I can’t really bring myself to ignore one. Though in this case 25sai is boring so I can’t put forth a full effort on that so instead all of that effort goes into 7virtues posts instead which is why these will be like my usual posts while 25sai is more quicker done without much description or screenshots in them.