Killing Bites Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 3: The 3rd Part!

We’re going in RAW here, so expect hair like a bear….    down there.

Here’s a quick recap of the show’s greatest moments….




Let’s get into it with the bulk of this episode’s perversion.

You’re not wrong if you think this show is all about the ass, the ass shot to naked tits ratio is about 67-1 so far.

Never before have I seen such a 2D background… seriously, look at the fan or the bottles.

They certainly know how to tease. The shot is great, but it’s such a tease the entire scene is basically a net zero. What pushes it above is the belly button shot, the belly button signifying her letting it all hang out, and drawing the eye down towards the pussy which of course is just out of view. I stand by my previous episode thoughts on the shading and highlights, they are in just the right places to pronounce depth.

This is my preferred method of coloring, DEFINED shading, no gradient bullshit… clear. This is especially true when I think about nipples, I want precise lines and actual effort put into coloring them on some level.

Below is what Not to do, lazy coloring – it seems like it was created with the Spray-can tool in Microsoft paint… no depth whatsoever, they don’t pop, and for god’s sake you can actually see where they made hash marks on the nipple to make it SEEM like it has detail but it’s Underneath the fucking gradient coloring… Meh/10

For reference, below is the Proper way to make pronounced and thick looking nipples. Multiple skin-tinted highlights, defined shading to give the nipple depth, and some actual elevation to the nipple itself (pronounced areola, nipple base, and nipple proper) to further show how puffy they are…  perfection.


Moving on.


Wincest appears…  they aren’t there for long though…

Usagi finally shows up as well…

A deep dicking forking

That covers the basic main squeeze of the episode. Figured I’d add in some buruma as well.


Overall a pretty meh episode, which is weird since I think this episode has the most attempts at fanservice so far… they just don’t seem to pan out. Rather, everything happens to damn quickly you don’t really have time to enjoy it. That’s been an issue since episode 1 as well, probably the fault of the show’s action anime pacing. Unfortunately the action seems to take up the bulk of what this show is trying to be.

I’ve praised the anatomy twice already so I’m done repeating myself, but besides the beginning of the episode I can’t think of anything noteworthy, again, everything is happening quickly. There are even moments of 7Sins/VD/Senran-tier missed opportunities, like the above mentioned wincest moment between the episode’s antagonists. Like, they are in bed spooning…. and we don’t even get a nipple shot, this is the uncensored airing folks, remember that.

Next episode seems like it will be focusing on the plot finally…. but since I only care about PLOT, I can’t say that’s a good thing.





Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi