Infinite Stratos Non-Magazine Pool Scans

Where can you go wrong with hot chicks and mechs?Howdy all, here’s another pool compilation.

Like my previous artbook comp, I’ve cut out quite a bit of non-fanservice content, so I encourage you all to check out the entire pool by going to the links I’ve put at the end of each section. There’s some nicely done artwork that I think should be appreciated despite the lack of service.

If you don’t know, Infinite Stratos is a sci-fi LN that was popularized by the anime adaptation. It spawned two 13-episode seasons (not counting the OVAs), both of which had some nudity and an overall fair amount of ecchi content. It follows a teenage guy sent to a mech piloting academy full of girls. Most of you probably know the drill by now. His harem consists of Houki, Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte, and Laura. There’s also Tatenashi and her sister, Kanzashi, but they don’t get much rep in these pools sadly, likely because they don’t appear until the second season of the anime. Without further ado, here’s another pool comp.

INFINITE STRATOS 2016-2017 School calendar

Pool link

Infinite Stratos – 2014 Calendar

Pool link

Infinite Stratos Illustration Book

Pool link

Infinite Stratos Visual Book

Pool link

Some pieces of work have PNG versions for download, although most are JPEGs.

Who’s your best girl? What are your favorite images? Don’t hesitate to tell down below!