Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 2:


Imouto Sae Ireba Ii episode 2: If Only a Miracle Would Happen~ What miracle actually happens in this episode? I’m seeing people naked from the beginning to the end!!


The episode starts with someone being naked, much like the previous episode.

It seems that Itsuki was practicing a plot in his imouto fantasy in front of the mirror. While at the same time, the girls came to visit him too.

The door was not lock, so they went in without hesitation.

Things get awkward when his naked body was seen by his friends (≥.≤) Haha, his friend came to see him while the girls already left.

The girls are sitting in a cafe chatting about Itsuki, his butt and also how they met him. Miyako is Itsuki’s classmate when they were in college. Here’s some fanservice bath-scene of her after hearing Itsuki dropped out of college.

Afterwards, Miyako follows Nayuta back to her hotel. This is part where both of them are stripping. This is all for Nayuta’s novel writing purposes.  Enjoy the fanservice. (^o^)

Wow!! Miyako’s boobs looks bigger than usual. Are those balloons expanding anyhow they like? To be honest, I didn’t expect her boobs to be so big. (>.<)

Too bad the anime didn’t show the us the plot where she takes off her panties too… However, the fanservice still continues. Nayuta continues her work with her novel.

Its getting late, so Miyako leaves the hotel. The episodes ends with the girls preparing to sleep AND…..

Chihiro taking a hot bath. (^o^)

The overall fanservice of this episode is great. After watching this episode, I hope I could touch Nayuta and Miyako’s OPPAI too~ Hope this kind of fanservice continues for all the episodes in this anime. Glad that there’s no distraction of the holy light beams. (^^)v Thanks!