25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 3


Doing lewd things is part of exercising.


Just like the previous episodes it is only a minute of extra content in the r18 version so at this point it is clear after 3 episodes that will be the consistent amount we can expect going forward.

Need to wear sunglasses when watching this show to not damage my eyes from the power of the sun brightness shooting out of the screen. As mentioned at the end of the previous episode Hana needs to train for the sports festival or else she would be found out since she wouldn’t be as athletic as a highschooler so she trains with Kanie. After she has finished running he asks her to come into the gym since they are done for the day.

Maybe this explains the show’s insane brightness. The staff seems to think being 25 gives you the body of a old person so maybe they have made the show super bright thinking the audience is partially blind.

Kanie has her lay down so he can stretch out her muscles and massage her after she finished exercising telling her if she doesn’t take care of them she will get hurt someday by overworking them.

After doing that for a while he kisses her and you can figure out the rest. In the standard version after this scene you get the following image instead..

In the r18 version you get this minute of extra content.

Other than her mouth moving there was no movement here so a stitch is all that was needed and why I didn’t make a webm of it.

The orange yellowish hue that is present in this whole episode sort of reminds me of the hentai Akiba Girls which had that during some parts. Unfortunately this show is nowhere near as good as that hentai was.

The r18 scenes end here and both versions of the episode resume at this next part.

Kanie advises her to keep taking care of herself while massaging her. It’s really odd how this scene just starts up as if the previous r18 stuff didn’t even happen. I’m guessing they are handling this show in a way much different from the others by trying to hide the r18 stuff from the standard version by making it feel disconnected from the main story. Really if you didn’t know that r18 extra minute was there and warned that something was censored you would have no idea as the scene before the r18 content and this one sort of transfer into each other without issue making it seem like nothing was missing inbetween.

Kanie reminds her that their highschool reunion is coming up in the next 2 days and asks if she is going to go to it since he is. She says yes she will be going and then starts to realize that when she goes to the reunion she will be with Kanie as her 25 year old self and not as her cousin she is pretending to be and wonders what will happen and the episode ends.


WebM Album.


I don’t know what it is but despite this being the same length storywise as all the other r18 shows it feels like there is very little in each episode. With Souryo, Skirt, and Omiai each episode felt like there was at least some progression in one way or another at least for a show that is only 5 minutes. With 25sai for some reason it feels like the episodes are over quick that you almost forget what happened because so little did. We are 1/4th done and yet the show doesn’t really feel like it stands out like the others did unless of course you count the overly annoying brightness of the show which certainly separates it from the others. On the plus side only 3 days till 7virtues which will easily be the better 5 minute show of the season.

That 7virtues pv from a few days ago made the show look like it will be a decent 5 minute ecchi. Since it airs on friday though this causes a problem since killing bites is that day. We haven’t decided what show will get it’s post on fridays and what will be saturdays. Since I take my time to make webms and stitches it will take me longer to get 7virtues done and so luigi will obviously get killing bites done before my 7virtues post despite his show being longer because he doesn’t make webms or stitches or even watches the show so he can get it done faster. So we just have to wait and see what happens but expect fridays and saturdays to be reserved for 7virtues and killing bites posts.