Takeda Hiromitsu Artworks Maken-Ki! En Scans

Maken Ki girls know how to do service but to be honest this art book needs more…

Another art book that just happened to catch my eye.  For that art.  That’s right.  And those Maken Ki girls.

For an anime that is generous with skin and nipples, this artbook is not as generous.  At least with the images in this yande.re pool.  Fortunately, there is fan service in almost every illustration and the girls look great.  And the oppai comparisons are informative…  😉

TAKEDA Hiromitsu is the original creator and mangaka of Maken Ki!.  He seems to be underappreciated by mainstream fans but well respected by other artists.  You can find more of his artwork on his blog and pixiv.

Takeda Hiromitsu Artworks Maken-Ki! En seems to be an actual art book that was published in 2014.  You can find it on Amazon (EN and JP).

If you know more about this artbook / collection, please do leave a comment.

Anyway, please enjoy the scans of Takeda Hiromitsu Artworks Maken-Ki! En as found on yande.re.

For the sake of faster page loads, I only uploaded the JPG versions.  That being said, since this an older artbook, most of the scans are JPG instead of PNG.  But they are high image quality JPGs.  What was unusual about this yande.re pool is that for some inexplicable reason 5 of the JPGs of dakis were small and crappy.  Yande.re is known for HQ images so I was not expecting that.  For the three scans that had PNGs, I downloaded those and converted to HQ JPG for this compilation.  For the two that did not have PNGs, I replaced the JPGs with HQ JPGs from Danbooru.

Please feel free to add your favorite scans to the comments.  And please leave a comment if there are other artbooks that you would like to see a blog post on.