25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 9


Lewd time before school.


Bugs me that subs for this are so slow that I should be on the episode before the final now but instead I’m 2 episodes behind as a result of the subs. At least the show is still being subbed and not dropped all together.


In the morning after the previous episode Hana decides to make breakfast as Kanie gets up to see what she is doing.

After he does some things to her she tells him that she doesn’t want him being late for school so she cooked breakfast to save time. He tells her how much of a pain going to school is and she comments about how he still is the same as he was in highschool despite being a teacher now. When he sees the face she makes he decides to continue what he was doing earlier telling her they will just be quick so that neither of them are late for school. If watching the standard version you get this scene next….

If watching the r18 version you get the following instead.

I’m guessing even the staff have stopped caring at this point that they don’t even care what the art looks like. Some might not even know those are supposed to be people.



R18 content ends here and both episodes join back up.

Afterwards Hana is thinking about why she doesn’t resist him now like she used to. When Kanie sees she is lost in thought he asks if he was that good that she can’t think straight. This embarrasses her and she accidentally asks what about him and if she is good as well before panicking that she accidentally asked that. He tells her she is and he is happy with her which causes her to get even more embarrassed.

When at school later Hana gets a call from her mom whom asks her why she still hasn’t gotten a full time job yet. Apparently her mom doesn’t know that she is pretending to be her cousin and asks her when she is finally going to get a job. This was mentioned way back in the first episode that since she didn’t have a job that would make her perfect for pretending to be her cousin since she wouldn’t have to worry about work and her cousin’s mother did offer to pay her so doing this is sort of a job. After hanging up she starts to think about how she is 25 and still doesn’t have a real job and starts to question what she is doing pretending to be a highschooler instead of actually getting a job and having a future. The episode ends with her thinking about it.


WebM Album.



This episode despite being the same length as the others felt really short. That seems to be the biggest problem with this show and that is not a lot happens in each episode. The other r18 shows somehow managed to avoid this though in which each episode felt like they managed to fit a bunch of story progression in it. The main significance in this episode was her starting to accept him but since this has occurred so late in the show we probably won’t get to see anything too major come from it. We did get another sex scene in this episode though so at least the service is keeping consistent with each episode. Only 3 more left though 2 of those are already out but I’m stuck waiting for subs. So just like the last post I have no idea when the next will be since it all depends on that.

It pains me knowing that if it wasn’t for subs being slow I would only have 1 more episode left till being done with it. I don’t particularly hate the show but am just insanely bored with it and just want it to be over. I think there are a few reasons why which I will probably write in final thoughts for the show when the last episode post happens. These r18 shows have just became so formulated that they all feel the same.