Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 8:

Relationship takes time and effort~

Hi everyone, (^^)/ after the interesting imouto fantasy RPG game, Haruto was curious whether Miyako has a boyfriend. So, Itsuki agrees to help him out!!

The fastest way to know is to ask her about it. (^_-)

And her answer is she doesn’t have a boyfriend. And so, Haruto is all hyped to go after Miyako. Meanwhile, Nayuta was planning a birthday surprise for Miyako. This could be a good start for him. (^^)

Nauyuta is jealous to know that Miyako favourite author is Itsuki. XD They decided to give her an autograph for her birthday present.

Nayuta gave Miyako a birthday present too. It was a story written specially for her!! (^^) However, Miyako confessed that she was never in a relationship before and she lied to Nayuta.

However, Miyako was so touched when Nayuta promised that she would never hate her about it.

Miyako hugs Nayuta and cries. The surprise birthday party ends up in a yuri scene…..

Back at her home, Miyako opens up Nayuta’s present to read it. XD

It was a story full of adventure, romance and SEX!! Where the male mc of the story is also Itsuki. XD However, it still got her attention to continue reading it~

She probably got aroused after reading the story. In the next morning, she woke up with her shirt opened up…. maybe it’s really hot in the room. XD

Nayuta probably is too good with her writing!! (^^)

A few weeks later, Itsuki decided to help Haruto out by going to the amusement park.

Only to had Haruto realized that this is a world where all the female characters belongs to the male mc. (T_T) After the day at the amusement park, Haruto tells Itsuki no need to help him out anymore as he decided move on.

Hopefully one day we will get a story where Haruto becomes the male mc. Reality might be harsh and doesn’t go our way, but it’s still not the end of it. (^_-) So, keep calm and fight on!! Stay tune for the next episode where things get really lewd. Thanks for reading!! (^^)v