2nd PV for 7sins released

Next month may be a month of holiness but who cares time for some sinning instead.


A 2nd and presumably final PV for 7sins before it airs in April was just released. Since it is on Youtube they obviously had to hold back some but you can catch some very brief partial nipples if you pay attention. The show will be airing on AT-X next month on the 14th and has the parental lock which means we can expect some uncensored nudity when it airs.


Lucifier(pride). Also a very quick nipple appearance.


Asmodeus apparently takes after L and doesn’t know how to sit in a seat normally.







You can see a slight panty there if you look close enough. I think I am going to like her the most though just because she has a fluffy tail in need of some touching.

If you zoom in on the scene you can see she is fully naked which means in the actual episode we can probably expect nudity here close up.

Damn motion blur.

Damn motion blur x2.


Guess this means they can make their horns appear and disappear at will. Probably used for hiding as humans and for those who are afraid their demon girl waifu might poke their eye out by mistake when trying to hug them(though you could just put oven mitts over them instead).


Also Hobby Japan showed pics of the pocket tissues they will be handing out at the 7sins booth at AnimeJapan which is this weekend. Each one has a QR code on it that can be scanned to hear an audio message from that character. Giving out free tissues to promote the show seems very fitting.


Also on the 9th is an early showing of the first 3 episodes at an event in Japan which states they will be uncensored as well. Obviously no pictures will come from this but it has resulted in the descriptions for the first 3 episodes being posted on the site. So have some badly Google translated descriptions of the first 3 episodes but at least it will give a general idea on what to expect and you can try to match it up to some of the stuff in the PV.

Episode  1 Arrogant fallen angel
A decadent jet of black which suddenly fell before the ten bundle dedicated prayers at the sacred shrine’s cathedral. It was Archangels Lucifer who was fallen by the crime of “arrogance” that was hanging over there. Mariko tries to help Bloody Lucifer, but with the collapse of the floor Lucifer will disappear into the abyss. Lucifer, who fell to the bottom of hell, encountered Leviathan, the enemy’s demon king demon. It is led by Leviathan, heading for the Maiden Demon which the demon of “the seven major sin” that dominates hell awaits.

Episode 2 Runaway due to jealousy
Believing that Lucifer was an angel and was pleased with the reunion. Makoto is deprived of heart by Lucifer who became the demon king. In addition, to be kidnapped by Lucifer, I will be drawn to the finest celebrity life I started on the ground. On the other hand, Leviathan, who came from hell with the desire of Lucifer, is jealous of Lucifer married only to Makoto. I steal Lucifer ‘s eyes and try to give Mai Lia better hardship than death. A crisis comes close to Maiko which was aimed by the runaway demon king.

Episode 3 Nagisa of coloring
Lucifer who boards Miami, one of the world’s best resorts. There was a figure of Asmodeus of the hope of captivating all men and women on the beach in a fascinating bathing suit. Leviathan challenges sexy game with pole dance against unbeatable Asmodius as long as it is surrounded by corrupt and vulnerable humans. Meanwhile, Asmodeus is interested in Maiko which does not react regardless of how much challenging it is, and it seems to fall to the desire for color. The fingertip of the demon king of greed is stretched to the sensitive part of Makiya.


Not the best translation but you can match some of the stuff from the first episode’s description to some scenes in this PV. The show airs at midnight Japan time starting on the 14th.


I wonder how many people are going to think I’m going to be covering this show because I did a post on it? I’m not though since I am going to be doing other posts for spring. When it comes to doing a Hobby Japan series I already have one in mind that I will cover if it receives an anime one day in the future.