Fuuka Fanservice Review Episode 11 & 12

A few more non-nude tit and ass shots to carry us to a predictable conclusion.


In these two episodes, everything pretty much happens as we expected it would. To avoid wasting people’s time and bandwidth, I’m mainly going to post scenes with heavy or blatant fanservice.

Caps and Stitches

Episode 11

A cute girl is on top of you, and that’s the expression you make?

She realizes that Yuu is gay has feelings for someone else, so she leaves.

Best girl.

Even Mama Fuuka gets an ass shot.

Episode 12

Koyuki and Fuuka somehow run into each other again.

Why, though?

Yuu finally catches up with this trifling chick.

Oh, they’re holding hands.


What’s with the rabbit getup? I must’ve missed something.

This is the studio going, “Here’s some tits and ass. Please forgive our writing.”

No kiss. Teasing til the end.


When Fuuka survived Trunk-kun, many people—myself included—remained apprehensively optimistic about how this story would turn out. We knew at this point that Yuu and Fuuka would likely get together. The question that remained was “how.” Would the studio find a clever and satisfying way to conclude this show, or would they pull some drama out of their asses, and force the romance at the last moment? Unfortunately they went with the latter, and, from the ratings drop on some anime networks, people weren’t pleased.

There’s nothing wrong with happy endings. Personally, I prefer them, especially in romance and ecchi. With that said, if you’re going to end something in a happy way, at least do it in a way that we haven’t seen before. And if you’re going to feed us a bunch of cliches, at least give us enough fanservice to not care.

So, how about that 7 Sins trailer, though?