7sins 4th BD gives Belphegor and Astaroth a new special together

A girl that plays videogames especially lewd ones is best girl.


The 4th BD was just recently released for 7sins and with it is the 16th special titled “I can not clean up”. Also included was the 7th special that was shown on niconico during the 7th week when the show was airing. That special was with Satan in the bathtub but it appears there were no changes in it’s BD release (unlike some of the previous weekly specials that have been uncensored compared to their original niconico versions on BD) so the main focus will be on this new 16th one.


The beginning that happens for all the specials though it tends to be different for each. I’m just going to assume Maria was trying to show God how wide she can open her mouth.

Belphegor is playing on her phone like we have seen her do plenty of other times and eating. At first I thought she might be playing Switch since in the manga she did but it is probably her phone/tablet. Normally seeing someone eating while playing videogames and getting grease all over the controller or in this case the phone would cause me to convulse on the floor in a seizure but fortunately she is using her tail to hold the food so no dirty harm is coming to the electronics.

Astaroth comes into her room and sees how dirty it is hence the title of the special and starts to clean it up and pick’s up one of Belphegor’s games on the floor and sees it is a lewd one (further increasing Belphegor’s best girl level) .

Astaroth comes to the realization on what the tag you gonna get raped on image sites means.

Belphegor having just learned the news that Nintendo Switch cartridges taste bad when licked decides to test this out but ends up mistaking Astaroth’s nipples for Switch games.

Would have been nice if they had a wet spot as well.

Belphegor may rape you but it will be loving passionate rape with kisses.

Astaroth snaps out of her fantasy revealing the whole thing was just her imagination after she saw that game. Can’t really blame her though since why wouldn’t you fantasize about getting raped by Belphegor. You will never beat Belphegor in a videogame multiple times enraging her to the point that she decides to rape you as a result. Feels bad man.

Astaroth knocks some empty boxes over probably out of anger that her fantasy was just a fantasy while Belphegor continues to eat chips and it ends.



Webm Album.



Along with the BD were some other extra things such as the artwork of Belphegor but more importantly like the previous BDs a small booklet consisting of short comics and drawings from different artists was included as well. Nylon66 posted pics of some of the pages on his site which are these following ones.


It’s a shame that as far as I know there are no scans of this or even the previous ones included in the other BDs. There are more pics and pages included than what nylon posted as you can see looking at the table of contents it is 20+ pages long and it would be nice to know what the missing ones look like. In case you are curious a lot of the artists here that participated in the booklet have done hentai. For starters there are two short comics included along with the stand alone pictures. The first comic short is done by Ash Yokoshima and the second one is done by Noshiro Masaru/Yajiro Masaru (the second name translation is what you will find most their work under but I included both since I have seen their work under both probably a married name vs maiden since the artist is female).

Then the other pages in the booklet feature artwork of Belphegor done by a bunch of different artists each getting a page. Both Yokoshima and Noshiro/Yajiro contribute artwork as well along with their short comics but there are also other artists too including 218, Arupa (alp for their doujin/manga work), Kamata, Combat scoTabuchi HiroshiTetujin MomokoTogarashi HideyuRusuToodeTokinon, and Opaque (Futou Ryouko). The majority of these artists do hentai so Hobby Japan certainly knew what kind of people to hire to do art for 7sins promotional material. Would be nice if HJ got in on the r18 anime theme going on recently and made their own r18 anime (one can only dream).


Overall I would say this special was the best one we have had so far (there is that censored hot spring one but we still have to wait for a later BD to see it uncensored). Though I wish this special would have been a minute longer in order to give Astaroth some time to do lewd things to Belphegor. Could have made Astaroth have a vision of Belial telling her to fight back instilling some confidence in her so that she could turn the tables and return the favor on Belphegor (probably by lewdly stroking her fluffy tail).

Next month’s 17th special is titled “I am eager to work” and since the BD cover features Mammon we can assume she will be the focus character for the special much like what the previous BDs have done with their covers so far.

The booklet included also features various different artists contributing drawings as well.

Normally I’m not the one that does these posts but I was bored waiting the days down for Omiai to air so I could work on that and decided to do this post in the meantime to pass the time. Think of it as a way to see what the 7sins posts would have been like if I had covered the show instead I guess.


Had it not been for soryo airing in the spring which interested me much more than 7sins I probably would have taken claim to cover 7sins instead. Interesting to think about on how different the posts for a show are based on who does it. In particular how much effort and work the person covering the show puts into it versus one who just half asses it and is negative about everything.