Made in Abyss Review Episodes 12&13

Mitty sure was a cutie…

This post will conclude the airing of, Made in Abyss. It has been quite a dark, mysterious, deadly, and exciting ride. The ending was a double feature episode with a run time of 48 minutes. This episode displayed Nanachi’s back story and the circumstances surrounding Mitty. Once everything was revealed to Reg a crucial decision about the fate of Mitty needed to be made. I won’t spoil it, but get ready for some feels. Moreover, we end with Riko finally recovering from her injury. As things began to settle down Nanachi decides to join their group. We end with our trio now preparing to dive into the worse dangers the abyss offers.

Service wise we’re given a last minute bath scene. They really go out of their way to not show the goods, but it’s still something. Reg does get stiff for Riko though. We also got to see Mitty’s revealing outfit from quite a few angles. She really was an actual oppai loli. Anyhow, enjoy this last bit of, Made in Abyss!


Episode 12:


Episode 13:

Good night sweet prince.

So, the final bath scene is here. Our duo does get naked, but don’t expect nipples from the anime. The manga on the other hand does deliver.

And now for the anime…

For those into waterworks they kept the pee in!



Here’s how Mitty would of looked if you she didn’t get cursed. Nipples included!

And here’s some extra nipples from the 4th volume of the manga.

Loli spilling noise.




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Well, it was a blast covering Made in Abyss! If they ever adapt best dad arc then I’ll definitely do something for it. Probably won’t be a post here since they really cut out the service. Do note that the manga does show loli nipples. Anyways, let’s just hope for good news with this series and be on the look out!