7sins 5th BD special gives Mammon a new way to make money


Always have some spare gold on you when adventuring.


The next 7sins BD has released and with it a new special. There was also an uncensored version of one of the previous weekly niconico specials included as well. First though let’s focus on the new one that is number 17.


Just in time for Halloween. I don’t think people give the show enough credit for it’s well drawn backgrounds.

An adventurer going through the dungeon runs into Mammon. Presumably this is Belphegor’s virtual world and not the real one. Naturally the first reaction is to attack but he is met with surprise when he has the perfect aim to only destroy her top instead of killing her.

As a reward I guess she allows him to grab her breasts since he was so fascinated by them and he doesn’t hesitate to take her up on that offer. Though I would have much rather had Mammon keep fighting and win against him and then proceed to go monster girl quest on him and rape him for losing like all demon women should do to their enemies.

After grabbing them for a bit he goes face first into them as she pulls him in for a closer look. Also those nipples could probably pop balloons so if Mammon needed a new job she could just be an enemy in balloon fight.

Apparently Mammon’s breasts had the power to restore his strength so he could continue on his quest. He thanks her and then gives her some gold for the help and leaves. Afterwards Mammon realizes that she could make this into a job to earn more money.

Missed opportunity for a Bikini Warriors background cameo since they should have had Paladin as a random person in the line awaiting Mammon’s services.

So to increase your power you can buy any of her three options to gain strength. I assume B is getting breasts in your face, A is probably ass in your face, and S is sex. Really wish they had shown us Mammon giving each of these services to the customers. Also in case you are wondering 1 million yen as of writing this is $8797.32 so that’s a lot of slimes in the dungeon you need to kill in order to get enough money for the best service.


Webm Album.


As I said this BD also included some of the weekly specials that were airing weekly on niconico during the time the show was on. One of them in particular was censored when it was initially shown. In case you don’t remember here are some pics of the censored one first.


Now here are some pics of the uncensored version in the BD thanks to nylon66 where you can find more over on his site.


Also like the previous BDs a case and a booklet is included with pictures from various artists in it which nylon66 posted a few pics of.


Much like the other booklets the majority of the artists do hentai and in this case all of them do. The two comics included in the book are done by Ohbayashi Mori and Wakamesan this time.

The other pages in the booklet are illustrations by various other hentai artists as well all of whom tend to draw large breasted woman which is probably why they contribute to Mammon’s booklet. Besides Ohbayashi Mori and Wakamesan who also contribute a drawing along with their comics the following other artists are included as well: KANZUME, Gate of xiii (kloah)ShindouSoramotiDiisukeToribami SasamiTorigoe TakumiTakamura WamuBakushishi ATBlue GK. I think I said this last time but Hobby Japan certainly knew what they were going for by specifically using hentai artists for this. The previous booklets eventually got scanned so hopefully the same will happen with this one as well.


This special gave Mammon fans some decent service which is good since she didn’t get a whole lot in the show. Though it is a shame these specials aren’t longer and are only around a minute and a half because there are plenty of other things they could do as well if they only had more time. Maybe one day they will release an ova focused only on stuff like this hopefully. One thing I want to say though is that this special really made me wish we had a male human character instead in the show. Even though we only saw him for a brief period I really would have liked this guy to replace Maria in the main story.

Think about it rather then turn away embarrassed he looked right at those breasts and gladly went on in and grabbed them when offered. Then when Mammon pulled him into her chest he didn’t resist either. He knew he was living the dream. In this short time he demonstrated himself to be a better male character then a lot of the ones we normally get. Even after getting powered up from this he said goodbye and left without giving it a second thought or being ashamed and probably thinking “damn I am empowered by them titties”. Really everything presented in this special had the workings that could have made this show a lot different than it was if they had went that route.

It presented the idea of a male character getting powered up by lewd acts by a female be it simple acts like breasts in the face or even sex based on the services Mammon offered at the end (possibly more of a power upgrade the more extreme the act). Now let’s take that idea and make it work as part of the story and replace Maria with this guy whom demonstrated with this special he would be all in favor of doing this stuff. The story could have had Lucifer meet him when he was just a simple low level adventurer. She then decides she will train him up to be a weapon she can use and in order to give him some of her power she fucks him then tells him if he follows her she can make him stronger. She then takes him along with her to hunt down the other sins so that he can convince them to to fuck him (perhaps by beating them in contests) so that he gain more powers (it would be like the best version of megaman ever) as Lucifer slowly trains him to be the ultimate weapon by powering him up through sex with each sin to use him to beat Belial.

Could have made it after all of them are captured near the end he has to save each of them leading to some happy sex with each which grants him even more power. Eventually he would reach Belial and slap her shit with no problem. When Michael appears the other sins keep her busy long enough for him to fuck Belial to gain some of her powers. He then having collected everyone’s powers gives a speech to Michael about showing her the power of sex as he curb stomps her all over the place because of how much power he has gained by fucking all the sins. Then after Michael and the Virtues run away he gets his own harem consisting of the sins as they decide they need to train and get stronger so they can be ready for the next fight and proceed to have a orgy as the ending. Damn now this special made me wish I was in charge of the show.


Next month’s BD comes out on the 29th and looks to feature Gluttony as the lead for the next special since she is on the cover and so far all the covers have represented that. Here is all the stuff that comes with it.


The next special is titled 私、悩んでるんです which seems to be “I’m worried” or “I’m suffering” I can only assume what she is worried about in the special is that more people won’t recognize her as being the current 2017 archive image and will ask again who she is. Since she didn’t get much service in the show itself like in the case of some of the other girls this will certainly be a important opportunity to fix that so hopefully her special is something nice to make up for that.

Seriously though we should have kept a record of how many times the question “who is that in the 2017 archive image?” is asked. I’m not just talking about here on the site in the comments but even in the discord that is like a weekly question different people ask. People will enter the discord just to ask that very question even. Though I find it hilarious because it shows just how many flat chested fans there really are to the point  that this has become a repeatable question. Speaking of which why are you spending time reading this instead of watching episode 2 of Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum. Best title in a long time because it is a flat chested dog girl having happy sex.