This Centaur is not worried to bare it all.

Horse boobies best boobies.

Hey guys, Kranesh here once again making a entry for Fapservice! This time I will cover the recently released BD’s for Centaur no Nayami, one of my personal favorite shows from Summer season 2017.

I am a sucker for Monstergirls in general and so far any anime I watched about them were good, thankfuly Centaur no Nayami wasn’t the exception.

Sure some episodes seemed out of place but the world itself and the story were interesting enough to catch my attention, one of the things I liked the most was the sexual themes that were pretty much prevalent (in some sense) across the show.

So far the BD’s only cover Hime’s bath scene with her little sister, we have yet to see the famed episode with the Mermaids and I honestly can’t wait to see them, personally I like how the nudity looks very natural and cute.

(All images here were found in Nylon66’s blog)





These were the most relevant images I wanted to post here, you can find many more in Nylon’s blog, do you guys think these BD’s lived up to the hype? I know I am satisfied for now and my body is ready for some glorious Mermaid tits when the next BD’s are released, please enjoy these images as much as I did!

This is Kranesh signing out for now, till next time everyone.