Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures OVA announced



More good news for 2018.



It has been announced that Shinmai Maou no Testament will receive a new OVA next year titled Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures. To start off here is the visual released for it.


According to the official site the OVA will first recieve a screening at various theaters in Japan on the 27th and will be showing for two weeks. After that it will be released on BD and DVD on March 28th.

January 27, 2018 (Saturday) ~ We also decided to screen the limited event for two weeks at the theater!
★ Screening Theater
【Tokyo】 Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku 【Nagoya】 Fushimi Millionate 【Osaka】 Umeda Buru 7

Also, Blu-ray & DVD of new OVA “New Younger Demon King’s Contractor DEPARTURES” will be released on Wednesday, March 28, 2018! Blu – ray & DVD benefits that cover about 60 minutes of complete new work are full of literary awesomeness such as original novelist Uesutorin novels!”

Looking at retailer information you can get an idea of some things that are included as well as confirmation that this OVA will indeed be 60 minutes long as that is the runtime listed. Some of the stuff that comes with the OVA are the following:

[First production privilege]
● Novel written by Kami Satoru
● Okuma Kosuke draws down three sides BOX
● Watanabe Yoshihiro Drawing down Digipak
● Newly Recording Extra CD
(OVA edition: Mio Naruse, Yuuki Nonaka, Mari Naruse, Waltz Nonaka, Zest, Chisato Hasegawa)

[Bonus picture]
● Treasured video of Maria

That bonus video I am assuming is just similar to the ones we got with the BDs of the series in which it is just a compilation of the service parts of the episode or in this case the ova with Maria giving commentary.

Next is the various retail bonuses that are being given from different stores for buying the OVA from them.


As for what the story is going to be the getchu listing has the description of it. Here is a machine translation to at least give you a basic idea. (I used both google and bing together as well as trying to correct some things to try and make it seem coherent).

The end of the war, which involved the supremacy of the entire underworld, Basara  regained the peaceful daily life. One day, which began with the “Dont Bath bubbles” by Mio, Maria recommended a party to an indoor pool. However, Mio will activate the curse of aphrodisiac due to the actions of Basara! Because of the painful agony of Mio, I decided to make a decision in the pool … ….? On the other hand, from the village of the hero who shows a disturbing movement, Yuki and Kurumi are issued instructions. A brief rest, The curtain of a darker vacation of Basara will rise.

So from what we can gather from that the story will have some Maria shenanigans at the start with some serious stuff happening later in which the hero village sends out an order to Yuki and Kurumi after they notice something happening.

The important part though is just how much service are we going to get? The part about the pool and something involving special soap bubbles makes me hope that this leads to something similar that happened in the manga. Since Maria is involved and we can hope the other characters would be present as well perhaps they will give us a scene that sort of had a similar set up in the manga in which it seemed like Maria used something in food that made everyone aroused leading to the best part in the final chapter in the manga which was..

I think this is actually the main thing everyone wants to know and wants to happen and that is having sex present in this ova. The LN has already had sex now so there should be no reason to hold back especially since we do not know if this will be the end or not. Considering the length of 60 minutes they should hopefully not skimp on the service either and dedicate a decent amount of time to it.

What really needs to happen though to make this great is that this needs to have sex scenes in it much like the LN. Not only that the sex scenes better occur in this for all the girls and not just Mio because only giving one character in this one when the others do get them as well in the material will just piss people off. Also the sex better not be some 5 second shit for each girl I want a decent amount of time spent for each girl. I want each girl to go through multiple scenes of all the standard sex positions so that everyone is catered too. Also none of this static image stuff either I want everything to be animated.

This could really end up being a massively good thing if done correctly so hopefully they don’t mess it up. Considering the experience IMS now has after doing even more lewd stuff like Masou HxH last year they should hopefully hold nothing back. There is also another piece of information you can find on retail sites that is some positive news as well. The following is listed in the description on sites:


In the main volume disc, the main part which is supposed to be able to see all parts which were partially modified in the theater screening version is recorded!

In other words it looks like the movie version that will be shown in theaters in japan is going to be censored with some scenes altered or removed that will be present in the actual BD release when it comes out in March on BD. This is very very interesting and makes you wonder what exactly is this content that they can’t show in theaters? Is this simply a way to sell more BDs or did they just not want everyone taking their dicks out and fapping in the theater? (would have been a great bro bonding moment as everyone is fapping to their shinmai waifus together at once). Regardless this means we really have to wait till march to know truly what kind of stuff will be in the ova.

One concern though that everyone is probably worried about is how much focus will be on service versus the story and this is an important thing when you take a few things into consideration. The series does have a story that people became invested in however the problem is that with the limited amount of time an ova gives you that makes telling a story of decent value difficult. When ecchi series are given ovas those ovas should focus on service more than anything else and the story should only be a means to an end to set up the service parts unless there is another ulterior motive for including a serious story in it. By ulterior motive I of course mean a new season.

Think about it you get a new episode to something that ended and this new episode might be the last thing released for it so you certainly don’t care about any new story developments at that point as anything story related would either be left hanging or have to be resolved in such a short time it seems pointless in the first place. People don’t want their limited runtime ovas to waste time on a story that is not going to amount to anything due to it’s length. In other words don’t half ass a story by trying to cram it into a very short runtime and instead give it the respect of an actual new season if you want to put a focus on story. The amount of content left for shinmai is certainly not something they could cover in just 60 minutes to completion and make it look good.

But as I said there is another possibility in which a focus on story could be acceptable and that is if it bridges into a new season. From the description it does seem like some serious things may start to occur but will these be resolved within the confines of this single ova is the question. If they don’t then this would annoy people left with an incomplete story unless they are serious about wrapping it up with a new season. This brings me to another thing that got announced along with this ova and that is a BD Box Set which will release at the end of February.

This Box Set which will contain both seasons and both previous ovas could be a hint as to what the purpose of this next ova might be. This releases on February 23rd just a month before this next ova comes out. You could look at this and say the release of the BoxSet is proof that the series is done since they are releasing that to be conclusive with the ova just being the final part to wrap it up.However you could also look at this from a different angle.

This is releasing just a month before the next ova which means new people and fans that buy this could get completely caught up on the story before Departures releases in March. And ask yourself, why would you need to do that for a simple ova? The possible answer is if this ova sets things up to bridge into a season 3 and those watching needing to be familiar with the story to understand any of the story in this one. This is just speculation from a positive view but it would not be completely impossible for the end of the ova maybe announcing or leading into a true final season 3 if we are lucky.

Another thing is the name of the ova which is Departures. This could be interpreted in two different ways. The name could signify that it is indeed the end and no season 3 as it is a way of the series “departing”. But this could also be looked at another way as if the title implies character’s will be “departing” for the final battle with the ova setting the stage for the end which a third season would give us. With the ova airing in theaters early it is hard to say if should this occur they would announce such a thing in it since it seems like that would spoil things for the majority of people whom of course will see the ova for the first time months later on BD and probably wouldn’t want to know the ova ends on a cliffhanger if that is the case. Of course there is also the chance the ova could troll everyone by still ending on a cliffhanger but no season 3 by simply using the ova as a way of saying “buy the LNs to see the end” which hopefully is not the case.

We will probably get a PV at some point I would imagine with maybe comiket in December being the latest since that would be a month before it airs in theaters. Might even get another pv at some point after the ova airs in theaters showing or previewing the content not in the movie version to promote the BD. Overall though this ova really has a lot of potential to deliver some very very good service so all we can do is cross our fingers and hope IMS delivers and goes all out holding nothing back especially if this ends up being the end to the series if we don’t get a season 3.


With all this said 2018 is looking very nice when you consider everything announced so far. Next year we have a new Senran anime, A new Bikini Warriors ova announced for next year, The 4th season of DxD starting next year, This new shinmai ova for next year, plus over the past few months there has been an increase in activity for Queen’s Blade Unlimited so we may actually end up seeing that next year as well. Not only that there are some other things to think about such as how the director for Masou HxH / Okusama /Hajimete announced his own studio a few months ago that will start releasing stuff in 2018 so we can probably expect good things from that. There is also of course the rise of r18 anime we have seen over the past few season as well that may get even better in 2018. Plenty of things already announced and plenty of things we don’t even know about be it new shows, new ovas, or even new seasons. So far 2018 is looking to be quite an interesting year.


The sex scenes better occur. Also since Maria is a succubus she better be dominate in her’s and kept in her loli form. I need a Maria sex scene with her on top with her yelling oniichan as she bounces furiously and it is shown from the front at a slight distance so we see her whole body. I might accidentally rip my dick off fapping.