Youjitsu Scans electric boogaloo 2!

Even with more tits than before!

Hello everyone! This is Kranesh once again with another entry for the Fapservice journals, this time we go back once again to Youjitsu, also known as Classroom of the Elite, because we got a new update regarding it’s official scans!

So a while back we got news about an official artbook of the series featuring original nude artworks made by the man himself Tomose Shunsaku (the very same illustrator of the light novel) but sadly those pics were for ants… however this time we have a feast for your eyes in HQ, so you can zoom in those tits like never before!

There wasn’t much material sadly but it was a very good finding, I’m also including some new scans into the mix, enjoy!












And that’s it for Youjitsu for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this little sexy article, in my opinion many light novels out there should follow the example of this artbook and make official nudity for the female characters we love, now that’s something I really wanna see!

Here’s the link for the gallery where you can find the rest of the illustrations.

It was a lot of fun making this article as always, until next time everyone!