Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 4


Getting good grades in school will get you a waifu.


Another episode that gives us around a minute and 20 seconds of extra content in the r18 version which is certainly good news. The extra content occurs at the end of the episode and creates plenty to possibly look forward to for the next episode.


We don’t get to see her response to Kuga’s confession at the end of the previous episode but instead Nano is shown remembering it and getting distracted while trying to give Kuga some extra lessons after school. She asks if he really won’t go to college and he says no making her wonder what she can do to change his mind.

Nano decides to meet with the real Souichirou this time and asks him if he can do anything to make Kuga change his mind about college. He tells her not to worry and he knows convincing him will be easy and to leave everything to him.

The next day Kuga turns in the career papers she was asking for in the previous episode showing that he has decided to go to college now since Souichirou told him that having a college education would help him make Nano happier since he knows how much he likes her. Kuga tells her again how much he cares about her and she is glad but doesn’t want him to make important life choices just because of something that might be a temporary feeling. He tells her he will prove to her how much he loves her by getting in the top rankings on the upcoming exams and if she will accept that as proof of his love and their engagement and she agrees.

Nano is told by other teachers how impressed they are with how different Kuga has become due to him studying more now. She starts to think about how ever since he started studying all the time she hasn’t seen him anymore and has started to worry that he might not like her anymore and when he goes to college he will get a girlfriend and forget about her. More importantly this shows that she does have feelings for him but hasn’t admitted to it yet.

The next day she finally gets to see Kuga again and notices that he has been awake studying all this time and not sleeping. Kuga tells her to remember the promise they made and that he will be waiting in the classroom after the scores are posted that day. Nano then realizes just how serious Kuga really is about getting good grades after seeing him and how hard he is trying to the point he neglects sleep just to fulfill the promise he made. She goes to look at the scores and visit him afterwards.

Nano gets to the classroom first and when Kuga walks in she runs up to him telling him how happy she is that he got 3rd place in the ranking (She secretly likes earthbound and knows that power). He asks if she will indeed marry him now since this proves how much he loves her. She tells him that she can’t give an answer right away but she will think about it and give it some serious consideration now. Kuga then tells her he wants to do stuff with her right where they are while he waits for her final answer in the meantime. At this point is where the episode ends in the standard version but in the r18 version you get the following extra scenes afterwards.

Kuga tells her he has locked the door so they won’t have to worry about anyone coming in to interrupt them. After doing some things for awhile he asks if he can put it in and gets ready to do so before getting cockblocked by the ending credits.


WebM Album.


The show is continuing to deliver far better and more service than both Souryo and Skirt did. Plus this significant amount of extra time the episodes have had so far seems to be consistent with at least 3 of the 4 episodes having a decent amount so let’s hope that continues on as well. This episode has pretty much set things up now that we may start to really get into the best service next hopefully. Not only does Nano now accept him and plans on thinking about truly being with him but we now know that she does have romantic feelings for him since she worried about him being with someone else. This not only brings us closer to her fully going into a relationship with him and as a result ensuring that sex scenes might be starting soon but the end of this episode implies we may actually get the first one in the next episode. Whether this will actually happen or they will be stopped we will know next week but if all goes well the show might start delivering on the sex by the halfway point just like Souryo did and we won’t have to wait till the end like in the case of Skirt.

I wonder how Eden from Monster Girl Quest would react to getting 3rd place in exams? Being number 3 to Ilias angers her so would she think getting 3rd place was someone trying to play a joke on her. Or would she destroy the school in anger?