7Sins Episode II Fanservice Review

After a promising debut, 7Sins sits on the Edge… will it plummet into mediocrity, or will it grow wings and fly into the shining sun of ecchi Knighthood?

As always we will be using the shittiest but quickest versions of the show to be released for torrent.

A brief recap of last week’s episode…


I remember seeing a preview for some kind of kinky plant bondage scene between Lust and Pride this episode, looks sexy as fuck. Especially since old Lust can pull out those bullshit “make you horny even if you don’t want to be” powers.

Here’s to hoping they push some fucking bars negroes… credit to [Ohys-Raws] once again this week for doing God’s (or rather the Devil’s) work in uploading the uncensored version. Took a gander at the censored version right before this, and Holy Fuck is it bad…



Moving onto this week we finally get an OP animation, I could give a shit about the OP compared to titties, but I will give this and last week credit for having some interesting and aesthetically pleasing art, (even if it seems like the contrast is fucked sometimes).


Your favorite character is Vainglory because of, DAT ASS

I could roll with this crew tbh.

Ah right, forgot about this little love tap last week… I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Okay take it back.  She be dead, Mr. Kurtz.

Alright, I think everyone knows by now that this will inevitably be made into some kind of slave contract where our fair MC has to be Pride’s slave girl… it is to be expected.

Aika’s girl reaffirms her status…


Oh Fuck, wait, is Lust massaging her own tits!? Fuck yes she is. What a trooper she is, making sure her tits stay supple for her job as Queen Bitch of Perversion

She’s just the best

This entire scene defies logic… not only are there Ludacris levels of THICC! but someone taught Vainglory how to do the sexiest move in history, the sensual leg cross!

AND Lusty does her nails a perfect shade of violet pink. Why don’t any girls paint their nails anymore!? Fuck…

Apparently the Sins can’t be seen on the Human plane, likely they exist in a “purgatory” parallel to our world. They can interact with us but not vice-versa, I’m guessing.

Remember that since Human-chan had her heart stolen by Pride, she is no longer living nor dead, she is in a “purgatory” of sorts as well. I think this of course means she will be able to “fuck the rules” of Heaven and Hell, and have the ability to traverse both planes.

Pride and Envy “convince” Human-chan (HC from now on) to rent an apartment from the looks of it. Hoping this turns into a 7Sins sitcom!  Sortov not kidding.

oooh this looks inviting

Heh, her clothes can undo themselves…. based

I’m actually really liking the art in this show so far. The boob design I hope improves for the BD, but as far as characters look they are all appealing in their own way.

Bitch get in…

Or the Sin that owns your heart will forcibly strip you!


Nice  🙂  I’ll give the show creative points as well.

Pride is actually one of my least favorite girls in terms of looks, but she can make shit look good.


Okay, here we come to the sortov elephant in the room this show had before airing. Apparently there were going to be “musical” segments in each episode, maybe more than one per episode. Myself and others were fearful that it would take away from the ecchi or make the creators less bold with their ecchi to have these silly segments for no reason…..

While this segment was incredibly awkward and unnecessary, it did at least provide stimulating visuals and had the good sense not to last TOO long…

That said, every episode is gonna fucking be different, really hope these pauses from both story and ecchi don’t kill the pace of the series.



Alriiiiiight, a steamy shower scene! This could be Ho-

oooOOOOOHHHHH MY GOD!!! Oh no to the hell no…

Oh, okay it’s just her curse breaking out from the battle last episode with Vainglory….

This whole sequence is basically Envy pissed that Senpai didn’t notice her.

Following their scuffle, Pride saves HC and scolds Envy. She then takes HC back to da base.

And upon waking up Pride just pulls out some lesbian shit on HC, not that I’m complaining, just out of nowhere.

A little over-designed in the shade and shine department, not Kaneko for sure, but a lot better than most I have to admit. Props on the nipples twirl at least, WORK THE NIPS.

HC blurts out the city of Miami for some reason which is where I’m guessing the pole dance scene will occur, we didn’t get the Lust x Pride torture scene in this episode though so maybe that is next week as well….



Annnnnnd one more look at Vainglory for everyone.



Overall I am most pleased with this episode, and as of right now this show is better than Valkyrie Drive (subform) in my eyes.

Content throughout, pleasing art, multiple fetishes for everyone if that’s your thing, and so far a SORTOV actual story to boot.

If next episode keeps it up I will officially come out and say I am Legit Hyped for this show. I have already resigned my soul to the fact that Manyuu and Seikon will NEVER be topped in my eyes…. they just won’t, so unless 7Sins becomes a God I’ll never enjoy it as much as those older Hood’s/Kaneko projects. That said, I can at the very least acknowledge the shows current greatness for all. The musical shit is there for NO reason, and certain scenes obviously could have gone much further imo, however, so far 7Sins is living up to expectations, and it’s the first ecchi to do so in over 3 years. I think we are looking at a damn memorable ecchi in the making here. Let’s pray to the based Oppai gods that it actually Holds the fuck up…..



Finally, some Obligatory Lust Fanart. Others got the best body, but I have a feeling that her personality alone is gonna make her a serious contender for 7Sins Grandwaifu






Below is the latest mini-short from Hobby Japan, admittedly a little disturbing. Once again, distribute this shit carefully bitches.