Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 3

Doing lewd things while parents are in the house.


This episode had more story than the previous one with all of the service being at the end particularly in the R18 version’s extended scene. This episode used the censorship method similar to the first episode in which the R18 version contains a longer length by around one minute. The standard and atx version had the same length but there were some differences which I will get to when we come to it.


Continuing from the previous episode Kujo takes Mio to the temple that he lives at. Just as she is about to think of an excuse to leave she hears someone else.

Kujo’s mother appears because both of his parents live at the temple as well. Now before you get excited over her and start hoping for some milf service there is unfortunately none in the manga or at least not in any of the chapters that are available. So unless Seven does something original for the anime and gives us some you shouldn’t expect it. Would be nice if they did but save yourself any disappointment by not expecting it.

Kujo introduces Mio to his parents as his fiancee.

Mio is surprised at this but before she can say anything Kujo answers for her telling his father that she already understands what it means to marry someone living at a temple and agrees with what it entails. He also tells his parents that he is sure of his decision and how much he cares about her.

Kujo tells her he is sorry for lying about what he said to his parents but since he is being pressured to get married by them he wanted to lie so they would stop bringing it up. Though he wouldn’t have a problem with marrying her for real he asks if Mio could at least pretend to be his fiancee for the time being.

Mio thinks about it before they get interrupted by Kujo’s mom.

Kujo’s mom shows them the room she prepared for them that will be their room from now on before leaving.

Surprised he hasn’t commented on her eyes to her yet.

Kujo shows Mio his powers that being a priest grants by playing I got your nose. Not really but this would have instantly became the cutest show this season if he had grabbed her nose and said that.

Kujo tells her that it is now baby making time.

At this point the episode ends for the standard version. The AT-X version and standard version both have the same shorter runtime compared to the R18 version but the AT-X version differs slightly here. You are probably wondering how they have the same runtime and yet show different things well the answer to that is some of the stuff from the standard version is replaced with some small bits from the R18 version instead. This creates the new AT-X version which is sort of like a hybrid between the standard and R18 version here.

In the AT-X version the ear licking scene is removed and instead is replaced with a few seconds from the R18 version. However these few seconds they use are not the parts that happen chronologically next right after this part in the R18 version. No instead they take a few seconds from the middle of the R18 version’s exclusive scene and a few seconds from the last few seconds of the ending from the R18 version and place it over top where the ear licking scene is in the standard version. They blend the two scenes into each other well enough that anyone unfamiliar with the R18 version would think that these scenes shown in the AT-X version that are not in the standard would properly be happening right after the ear licking. In reality they do not and a chunk of content is missing between the ear licking and the extra scene and then in between that and the final scene shown in the AT-X version.

In other words the standard version cuts off early. the AT-X version while still having the same runtime alters the end of the episode to include a few seconds from the R18 version first instead and then finishes it off by also using the final few seconds of the R18 version’s end to replace the standard’s end out, meanwhile the R18 version plays the full length episode with no cuts. So now let’s get on with the content in the R18 version that picks up right after the previous screenshot.

With that extra bit of content in the R18 version the episode ends.


WebM album.



So after 3 episodes I have noticed that the episodes transition into each other in such a way that it makes me really curious about the BD when it finally comes out. Unlike other short 5 minute shows where the episodes are episodic separate stories this is taking a different approach. It almost feels like this was made to be one long episode and they just decided to cut out increments of 3 to 4 minutes to create episodes. So far the episodes pick up exactly where the previous one left off making me think maybe this really was created to be 1 or 2 full length episodes instead. The reason I bring this up is because the BD information has yet to be announced yet and I wonder if the BD will instead just be one long episode or two with all of the episodes fused together to create just one or two episodes since it certainly seems like the show was created with that in mind.

Another reason I bring this up is because since the R18 version is you know rated R18 that pretty much means the BD will have to be rated R18 as well (though I suppose they could also release an R15 version concurrently as well) and the thought occurred to me earlier along with the fact that these episodes blend in together so well that maybe just maybe the BD will be a hentai release when it occurs. Depending on how much money they want to try and get they could very well end up releasing this as 2 separate hentai ovas instead (as opposed to most short 5 minute anime that release all 12 episodes on a single BD). It would actually make sense since there are 12 episodes and the runtime of 6 episodes of this would equal the standard length that hentai releases have these days so two separate releases with 6 episodes each could work to essentially create two full hentai ovas. Since this will probably be rated R18 anyway just like hentai titles they would have every reason to just follow that hentai release format of having around a 25 minute runtime for a full episode each which is around how much 6 episodes each would give.

Since Seven releases hentai all the time it will be interesting to know what they do when the BD information is finally announced. Will they release it as a hentai ova like many of their other works and if they do will they split it into two separate releases or just one? More importantly will they add something extra to it as well such as even longer length than the R18 version? I’m kind of hoping they do release it as a hentai ova simply because how amusing it will be that I’m the one doing posts on this show and then I get to talk about it again in my monthly hentai ova release schedules I do when it finally releases.

Though it has little to no chance of happening I wish Seven would make an anime original episode showing Kujo’s parents going at it. It would at least keep things fresh by not having all the service focused on Mio.